12 crazy interview tips

In this next powerful training blog, we are going to give you 12 ‘OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD’ TIPS AND HACKS that will help you get hired! These tips are so good that they will help you build a positive connection with the hiring manager and BEAT THE COMPETITION, so you come out as the winning candidate!

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #1 – Be POLITE and RESPECTFUL to everyone you come into contact with at the job interview.

When you walk into the interview building, be nice to the receptionist, smile, and ask them how they are. Not many people know this, but lots of hiring managers will speak to the receptionist to ask them how you acted when you first entered the building. Always be polite and respectful to everyone you come into contact with at your interview. It can make a huge difference to the outcome.

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #2 – Make a connection with the hiring manager.

Before your interview, research the hiring manager. Connect with them on LinkedIn, read about their achievements at the company, and try to find a common connection. Research has proven that we tend to like people who are most similar to us, so if you can find a common connection with the hiring manager to talk about at the interview, it will definitely go a long way to helping you get hired.

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #3 – Wear a smart outfit to your interview in a colour that represents TRUST!

Certain colours evoke emotions in people without them realising it. For example, the colour red evokes the feelings of power, whilst orange is deemed to be the worst colour to wear in a job interview because it is associated with a lack of professionalism.

The best colour outfit to wear in a job interview is BLUE. The colour blue is perceived as trustworthy, confident, dependable, and loyal.

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #4 – Talk positively about previous employers!

A sure-fire way to fail an interview is to talk negatively about former employers, bosses, or co-workers. There is a temptation in an interview to say you want to leave your current job because there is a toxic work environment, your boss doesn’t give you the same opportunities as everyone else, or there is a co-worker you can’t get on with.

However, any type of negative talk will not get you hired. Instead, when they ask you the question, “why do you want to leave your job?”, say something like this instead:

“I want to leave my current job because I am seeking a fresh challenge with a new and innovative organization that has exciting plans for the future, where I can collaborate with other ambitious professionals, and where I will be supported to reach my full potential. Having researched your company, I have been impressed with your track record of achievement, and your workplace values are a strong match for my own.” 

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #5 – Clean up after yourself!

This is a good one! If the interviewer offers you a drink at the start of the interview, ask them where the kitchen is at the end of the interview so you can wash and put away the glass or cup. This small but important gesture shows you take responsibility, have good manners, and will be a great fit for their team. 

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #6 – Have several stories prepared of previous outstanding work performance.

Everyone loves a good story, including hiring managers. If you can think of several previous situations you have been in where you achieved something of significance, or worked smart to overcome a difficult challenge, you will significantly increase your chances of success.

For example, if a hiring manager said to me in an interview, “tell me about a time when you had to overcome a difficult challenge”, we would respond with the following story:

“I can remember encountering a problem in my last role where a team member went off sick for several weeks part way through an important project. This situation had the potential to set the project back, but I wasn’t prepared to let that happen. Instead, I assessed their workload, absorbed as many of their duties myself and amongst the remaining team members, and then outsourced the rest to an online contractor. By being decisive and taking positive action, we were able to get the projected finished on time despite being one person short.”

 JOB INTERVIEW TIP #7 – People love to talk about themselves, and this includes hiring managers!

So, if you want to build a connection with the hiring manager, ask them the question, what do you personally enjoy the most about working for this company?” at the end of your interview!

This smart question serves two purposes. Number one, it shows you have a genuine interestin their organization, and number two, it allows them to talk about something they love, which is the company.

And if you want to impress the hiring manager even more, ask them the following two further questions once the interview is over:

  1. What would my success look like in the role in twelve months from now?
  2. Can you tell me more about the team I would be a part of in this role?

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #8 – Find out which interview questions have been asked of previous candidates who have applied for the same job and company.

If you go to the website GLASSDOOR.COM, you can find out which interview questions the hiring manager has been asking recent candidates. This will help reduce nerves and anxiety because you will be better prepared for any tough and unexpected interview questions!

  JOB INTERVIEW TIP #9 is to make sure you use 5 specific words and phrases in your interview.

The 5 words and phrases we are about to give you will make the hiring manager sit up and listen! Let’s take a look at them, please write them down:

 The first one to use is ADD VALUE

Tell the interviewer it will be your plan to ADD VALUE to their team in the position and help the company achieve its commercial and financial goals.

The second word to use is COMMERCIALLY-AWARE

When the hiring manager asks you, “what are your strengths?”, tell them you are commercially-aware and someone who will do a great job, help increase sales, and be frugal with supplies and resources to help save money and increase company profits.

The third and fourth words to use in your interview are TAKE OWNERSHIP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

Make sure you tell the hiring manager you will always TAKE OWNERSHIP of challenges and problems whenever they occur, and you will TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your ongoing professional development so you are always a productive and useful asset to their company.

And the fifth word to use in your interview is, THANK YOU!

At the very start of your interview, when you answer the question, tell me about yourself, start by saying this:

 “First of all, I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for the position with your company today…” and then carry on with the rest of your answer.

Then, at the end of the interview, when they say to you… “is there anything else you would like to add?”, say this:

“Again, thank you for the opportunity today. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and learning more about your company. I genuinely believe I can have a big impact in the position, and if you need any further information to help you make a decision, please get in touch.”

 JOB INTERVIEW TIP #10 – A recent study revealed that 9 out of 10 hiring managers would fail a candidate if they did not maintain eye contact during a job interview.

Some people find it hard to look another person in the eye when talking to them. However, in a job interview, if you don’t maintain eye contact when answering the questions, and listening to what the hiring manager has to say, it demonstrates a lack of confidence.

Make sure you sit in the interview chair without fidgeting, pay attention to what the hiring manager is saying, and look them in the eye when answering their questions!

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #11 – Is to take a PLAN OF ACTION with you to your job interview that details what you will do in the first 30, 60, and 90 days of starting work for their company.

We can guarantee that you will be the only candidate who gives the hiring manager a plan of action when they say, why should we hire you?

Taking a plan of action with you to a job interview tells the hiring manager you are organized, prepared, and it confirms what they will get in return for their investment during your 3 months of employment.

JOB INTERVIEW TIP #12 is to know the NUMBER 1 SECRET for passing any job interview!

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