Police Online Assessment Written Exercise Stage 3a Practice Questions

Police written exercise free practice exercise

Police Online Assessment Process Written Exercise

As part of the selection process to become a police officer, you will have to undertake a stringent selection process which includes an online assessment process. The online assessment process came into effect in May 2020 due to the covid pandemic, and and it serves to continue the government’s pledge to recruit 20,000 new police officers, and this allows this despite social distancing restrictions.

In this post we have provided a sample question for the Stage 3a The Police Written Exercise, which will help you to prepare for this difficult exercise. Our FREE sample exercise will provide you with:

  • A unique realistic example of what to expect during the written exercise.
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 Police Officer Online Assessment Written Test Overview

During this scenario you will take the role of a serving police constable and will be presented with an email from your sergeant which requires you to provide your recommendations to solve a certain issue within the local community. To assist you in this task we will provide you with four pieces of related information which you can use to devise your plan to resolve the issue.

This actual test will take 40 minutes to complete but for the purpose of this exercise, please take as much time as required.

Remember to only use the facts presented in the scenario and its attachments. It is important to disregard anything you know to be true in reality.

Written Test Assessment Competencies

During this assessment you will be assessed against a number of competencies and values from the Competencies and Values Framework. When drafting your recommendations it is vital that you align these answers to the competencies and values. For example when you have drafted a recommendation, ask yourself does this match the assessable competencies and values? Please see below the assessable values and competencies below:

IMPARTIALITY: During the exercise you must be fair and consider the situation from all sides regardless of your own beliefs and feelings.

WORKING COLLABORATIVELY: Also known as working with others. Use this to your advantage during the exercise.

DELIVER SUPPORT AND INSPIRE: This is about serving the community and providing support and solutions that are in the best interests of the public.

ANALYSE CRITICALLY: You will be required to understand  the information that is presented, use your analytical skills, and carefully use this to device your recommendations to resolve the concerns in the community.

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Police Online Assessment Process Written Exercise (SAMPLE QUESTION)

In the following scenario you will be presented information on an issue which is affecting the local community in which you serve. Please read the scenario and all the supporting documentation.

To: PC Jones

 From: Sergeant Smith

Recently, a concerning number of reports of have been made regarding thefts and attempted thefts of dogs in and around the Bridge City park area. One of the most recent reports was from a pet owner whose dog was stolen from them whilst in the park yesterday evening.

Can you please look into this issue and provide a report advising on the points below. I have included a number of documents and attachments to assist you with your recommendations.

  1. What are the main issues raised and how are these issues impacting the community?
  2. Provide your recommendations on how we can resolve these issues.
  3. How will these recommendations have a positive impact on the community?
  4. Are there any potential risks to the community?
  5. What can be done to provide reassurance for the community?

Many thanks

Sergeant Smith


Transcript from phone call received from local resident Marie Howard at 07:31 am on the 19.07.2021;

“I was walking my dog around the local park yesterday around 6pm when I was approached by a number of middle-aged men, asking me about my dog and if it was a boy or a girl. I immediately felt suspicious of this and decided to pull my dog away and when I did, one of the men attempted to grab my dog. I shouted for help and luckily for me my neighbour’s son and his friend were walking through the park and rushed to my aid. When the men saw people approaching to help they quickly scarpered, heading towards the car park at the south entrance of the park.

After speaking to my husband, he recommended I report this as he has said he had heard other attempted animal thefts locally. Can this please be looked at, as I am now afraid to take my dog out for a walk.”

In the first attachment this seems to state that Marie feels that the 3 men were attempting to steal her dog. Some points you should remember from this attachment are, the three men, their exit point, and the after-effect which this is having on Marie.


Report from Local PCSO, refs dog theft from Bridge City Park 17.07.2021 at 18:45 hrs

“I responded to a call from a resident who had reported their dog (springer spaniel) had been stolen from them when they were walking through the park. The victim explained that they were approached by a group of three people, two men and one woman, who seemed friendly and were asking questions about the dog and if the dog was male or female. When the victim was slightly distracted one of the men snatched the dog and they all ran towards the car park located at the southern exit of the park.”

In this attachment and report from the local PCSO it is apparent that this further indicates animal related crime in the park at Bridge City. Further points to be taken from this attachment could be; the question asked by the suspect, the 2 men and 1 woman, the exit point.

The third attachment shows a rough draft map of the park showing the location where the dog was stolen the car park and facilities such as the car park, play area, sports pitch and the north and south exits.


Email received from local resident

To whom it may concern. My name is Trevor Jacobs and I live at 11 Bailey Drive, Bridge City. I would like to report some suspicious behaviour which concerned me. This morning I was walking my dog through the park and I noticed a group of 3 people who seemed to be just hanging around the park. I found this a little odd, as they were not teenagers and certainly not children. It seemed that they were just waiting around for something or someone.

They noticed me looking at them, and they started walking towards me. I decided to walk home with the dog and realised they were following me home. As I reached my house I turned round to see if they were still following me, but I could not see anyone, so I thought it was a coincidence and I thought no more of it.

However, this morning, when I looked out of my dining room window, I am sure I saw one of the people from yesterday looking over the fence into my garden, which obviously alarmed me. I shouted at him which startled him and he then ran off towards the park.

Could someone please contact me regarding this as I am worried that I am being targeted for some reason.

Many thanks

Trevor Jacobs

In attachment 4 it seems to suggest that the group of people hanging around the park, noticed Trevor looking at them and started to follow him. Points you could take from this attachment are the number of people acting suspiciously, Trevor thought they were adults, possibly sighting outside his address the following morning.

Police Online Assessment Process Written Exercise: Submit Your Answers

Now you have reached the end of the information provided with the exercise, you should have a good understanding of the issues within the community and should be considering your recommendations to help prevent the issues from occurring.

If you can recall from the initial email from the sergeant they asked for you to provide your recommendations for the following questions:

  1. What are the main issues raised and how are these issues impacting the community?
  2. Provide your recommendations on how we can resolve these issues.
  3. How will these recommendations have a positive impact on the community?
  4. Are there any potential risks to the community?
  5. What can be done to provide reassurance for the community?

What do you think? What recommendations would you make to help solve these issues in the community?

Please submit your suggested answers to each question in the comments box below and we will be able to offer our feedback!

PS: Don’t forget to include the number to the question you are answering.

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