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LNAT: Sample Questions And Answers

The Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) is one of most challenging and complex assessments for aspiring undergrads. The test is designed to assist University Law Admissions teams with selecting the best students for their course. Law courses are naturally extremely demanding, and therefore the LNAT 2016 is unlike any other assessment, in that it does […]

When to use SER and ESTAR: GCSE Spanish Revision

As we only have one verb that means ‘to be’ in English, being presented with two (that are both irregular) when we start learning Spanish is initially confusing, not least because they are applied in different ways with different meanings. So, knowing when to use SER and ESTAR, and the differences between them, is vital for your […]

How To Write A UCAS Personal Statement: Part 1

In order to successfully gain entry into a UK university, you will need to construct a great personal statement. A good personal statement can often be the difference between outright rejection, and acceptance into your chosen Uni. But what is a personal statement, why is it important, and how can you perfect your own? In […]

University Revision: Top Five Exam Tips 2016

We’ve now reached the middle of January, which means one thing for University students. That’s right, the dreaded January exams are upon us, and there is no escaping from revision. If you are struggling with revision tips, or in the midst of a full blown exam pandemic, then fear not. In this blog we’ll provide […]