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FRESHERS INTERVIEW TIPS! (How To Pass Your First Job Interview!)

FRESHERS INTERVIEW TIPS! (How To Pass Your First Job Interview!)

Do you have your first job interview coming up? Most people are unsure of what to expect, are nervous they don’t have the experience, and worry they won’t perform as well as other more seasoned candidates…sound familiar?

Well fear not! In this article we will look at the top 10 freshers’ interview tips, or in other words, we will look at exactly how to pass your first job interview!

13 Tough Prison Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Prison Officer Mock Interview Questions and Answers

It is common knowledge that the prison officer interview is extremely tough. Candidates are required to demonstrate more than just the skills and qualities needed to be a prison officer – they must also demonstrate that they match the prison service’s competencies and values. In this blog, we will look at the 13 toughest prison […]

13 Tough Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers


The firefighter interview is well recognised as being extremely challenging. Candidates not only have to demonstrate that they have the skills and qualities needed to be a firefighter, but they must also demonstrate that they match the fire service’s competencies and values – also known as the PQAs.

15 Tough Train Driver Interview Questions and Answers


The train driver interviews are known to be extremely challenging. Not only will candidates have to prepare for the trainee train driver structured interview questions but also the train driver manager’s interview questions.

In this article, we will look at the 15 toughest train driver interview questions that are guaranteed to come up in your interviews!

Prison Officer ARC Interview Questions and Answers (Assessment Recruitment Centre)


If you want to become a prison officer, you will need to undertake an assessment centre that includes an interview.

During the prison officer interview, you will be asked questions that specifically assess your motivations for wanting to become a prison officer, the strengths you possess that will help you in the role, and also what you would do in specific situations.

Civil Service Administrator Jobs: How To Work For The Civil Service

Working as a Civil Service Administrator requires great organisation!

The civil service of the United Kingdom is one of the most diligent and respected organisations in the world. The civil service helps the government to develop and implement national policies as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this, the civil service is divided into hundreds of different departments, all of them focusing on specific areas.