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Example Job Interview Questions

The key to passing your job interview is preparation. Here, we’re going to take a look at some example job interview questions and answers. The common job interview questions asked at the interview will cover areas such as yourself, the job you have applied for and, possibly, specific technical questions about your chosen subject. Some […]

How To Improve Your Interview Technique

Improving interview technique and gaining interview skills can be tricky. So, here we’ve compiled some expert advice and interview tips for passing any interview. Video Transcription – Improve Your Interview Technique Hello, welcome to My name is Richard McMunn and in this training video, I’m going to teach you how to improve your interview […]

How To Answer Interview Questions: What Are Your Weaknesses?

HOW TO ANSWER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES? This type of interview question is asked at over 90% of interviews; therefore, it is highly advisable you prepare a response for it. I have been asked on many occasions in the best what is the most effective way to answer this interview question and within this […]