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Civil Service Fast Stream Competencies

When preparing to attend the Civil Service fast stream assessment centre, you need to spend a considerable amount of time learning the key competencies. These are qualities that the Civil Service are looking for in candidates. This means it’s important that you take the time to come up with examples in your career and life […]

Introduction to the Police Officer Role Play Exercises

On your path to becoming a police officer, one of the biggest challenges you will face is the role play stage of the assessment centre. Unlike standard tests, where you sit down and answer questions based on your knowledge, the police officer role play exercises test your understanding in a verbal environment. However, these are […]

How To Get A Hairdressing Apprenticeship

Hairdressing is a fantastic career choice. As part of the beauty industry, hairdressing is a constant, recession proof and in demand service. Provided you supply your customers with great service, they will continue to come back. The majority of people are striving to improve their looks on a day to day basis, and as a […]

Prison Officer 2015 Role Play Questions

If you are attending an assessment for a job as a prison officer, one of the key testing categories is ‘Role Play’. Role play will focus on your ability to make good decisions based on limited information. In this blog, we’ll show you some of the types of competency question you should expect, and give […]

What Are The Personal Qualities And Attributes Of A Magistrate

Personal Qualities And Attributes Of A Magistrate Whether you are yet to apply to become a magistrate, or you are currently going through the selection process, it is absolutely vital you demonstrate the 6 key qualities at every stage of the selection process, including the application form and also the first and second interviews. In […]

What Are The Firefighter Personal Qualities And Attributes

The Firefighter Personal Qualities And Attributes Every year, thousands of people apply to become a firefighter, yet only a very small number of those applicants successfully go on to pass the firefighter selection process. In this article I am going to explain why the majority of people fail by teaching you the importance of the […]

What Are The Competencies Required To Become A Paramedic

The Competencies Required To Become A Paramedic Thousands of people each year want to become paramedics but only a small number of those people ever realise their dream and go on to ride the Ambulances. The main reason why so many people fail the selection process is because they do not provide evidence at the […]

What Are The Qualities Required To Become A Train Driver

The Qualities Required To Become A Train Driver The selection process for becoming a trainee train driver includes many different stages including an application form, psychometric tests and two different interviews. The interview starts off with a criteria-based one and finishes with a managers interview. We have a full and extensive guide on train driver […]

The New Police Officer (Police Special) Core Competencies

The New Police Officer (Police Special) Core Competencies The National Police Improvement Agency has taken the step to update and improve the Police Officer core competencies so they are more in line with the work of the modern day police force. These same competencies also apply to the role of police special constable.  Are you looking for the […]