7 Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers

If you’re serious about becoming a flight attendant (also known as a steward, stewardess, or cabin crew), you need to be prepared for the interview questions you’re most likely to be faced with. This free guide is going to take a look at the most frequently asked cabin crew interview questions and answers.

What do you think are your best qualities?

Essentially, this question is testing whether or not you possess the core competencies required to be a good flight attendant. Take some time to think about what your best traits are, and how they might be useful as a flight attendant. Here are some examples to get you started:

• Strong grasp on leadership whilst also being able to listen to others;
• Competitive mindset with the ability to work within a team;
• Friendly demeanour while also able to be confident;
• Outgoing personality with a desire to assist people;
• Penchant for critical thinking and attention to detail;
• Excellent communication skills.

Whatever you choose to say, make sure you’re as concise as possible. Also, remember that you need to be honest – lying about your qualities in an interview is unacceptable.

What skills should a member of an airline cabin crew be expected to have?

This is somewhat similar to the previous question, as it is testing whether you know what is expected of you as a flight attendant. Prepare your answer for this question in advance, and consider mentioning the following traits, as well as those listed above:

• Good people skills (communicating, listening, understanding);
• Approachable and welcoming manner;
• Knowledgeable and able to think on the spot;
• Ability to multitask;
• Calm attitude and a calming presence.

How would you deal with an unruly passenger? / Give us an example of when you’ve dealt with an unruly customer.

This question can come in two forms, but they’re asking similar things. If it’s the former, then you need to imagine the scenario. If it’s the latter, and you’ve dealt with an unruly customer in the past, then you’ll need to remind yourself of how you behaved.

Whatever the case, bear in mind that there’s a correct way to answer this question. Focus on how you defused the situation. In particular, consider if any of the following apply:

• You weren’t judgemental towards the customer;
• You carefully considered the situation to figure out what the problem was;
• You showed that you wanted to help them as much as you could;
• You tried to see things from the customer’s perspective.

These are all things that interviewers are looking for, and behaviour that would be expected of you in a situation like this. Therefore, make sure you demonstrate that you can ask in the correct manner.

Do you work better as part of a team, or on your own?

As a member of the cabin crew, you’ll need to work as part of a team as well as operate as an individual. Somehow, you need to need to answer in a way that demonstrates that you can do this. One way to show this is by saying that you enjoy working as a team, but feel comfortable being given a single task for you to complete alone. When each member of the team has a task to complete, they all contribute to one another. Whichever way you answer, make sure you acknowledge the importance of the other approach.

What made you want to apply to become a flight attendant?
This is one of the most important cabin crew interview questions and answers because it exposes your motivations. Employers want to know you’re getting into the industry for the right reasons, and that you’ll fit the role properly. For example, if you say that you want to be able to boss people around on a plane, they aren’t going to hire you. You need to think carefully here. Consider some of the following examples:

• You have a love for travelling and want to see the world;
• Someone or something inspired you to do it;
• You enjoy helping others.

Again, make sure that you tell the truth about why you’ve applied.

How would you deal with a colleague you didn’t get on with? / Recall a time when you had to work with a colleague that you didn’t get on with.

The simple solution to this question is to focus on being professional. While it’s normal to like some colleagues and dislike others (we’re human, after all), this shouldn’t get in the way of your work. A level-headed mind and the ability to put professionalism first is vital as a flight attendant, as you could be confined to a small space with your colleagues for long periods of time.

What are your hobbies?

This question seems out of place, but there’s a good reason for asking it. Your hobbies might indicate things about your personality – things which might be core competencies. For example, participating in team sports shows the desire to work alongside others or the ability to lead people. A love for art and design might demonstrate attention to detail. Think hard about how your hobbies relate to the key traits required for cabin crew members. While it seems unusual compared to the other cabin crew interview questions and answers, it’s important to take this question just as seriously as the rest.

Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers – Conclusion

Now you know the cabin crew interview questions and answers that you’re most likely to be asked. The final tip is to try and remember the key skills and traits that your employers are looking for. Link your answers to these for better results. For more tips on becoming a flight attendant, take a look at our book, How to Become a Cabin Crew. You can also get further interview questions and answers by checking out our book on passing the cabin crew interview.

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Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers
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