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Welcome back to another one of my blogs for children’s puzzles online.

Some of you may have checked out my other Pirate Puzzle and Activity blog which comprises of 4 sample puzzles.

This blog is going to focus on puzzles taken from our Space and Adventure Kids Puzzle Book. Here at How2Become, we think puzzles are a great way for your child to improve key skills such as concentration, creativity, cognitive ability and reasoning. We have done our utmost to create unique puzzles with a twist – every single puzzle contained within our space guide is space-related! Fun or what?

Get your child to work through these puzzles. I have also included an interactive video (containing the same puzzles). This is just another way to fully engage your child with the puzzles.

Children’s Puzzles Online – Puzzle 1

Work out the answers to each of the statements, and fill in the crossword.

Children’s Puzzles Online – Puzzle 2

Find the value of the symbols.

Children’s Puzzles Online – Puzzle 3

Spot 8 differences.

Children’s Puzzles Online – Puzzle 4

Which shadow belongs to the alien?

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Space Puzzle and Activity Book

This book is available via Amazon and our How2Become website.

Be sure to check out our other puzzle book. This has a Pirate theme!

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