FINAL JOB INTERVIEW! (Interview Tips, and Example Questions & ANSWERS to help you SUCCEED!)

final interview

In this quick but powerful job interview blog, we will teach you how to prepare for a FINAL INTERVIEW! If you have a final job interview coming up soon for any role or company, keep reading because we will help you PASS it!

So, to help you pass your FINAL INTERVIEW, we will cover the following 2 things during this tutorial:

#1. We will give you 4 important tips for passing a final job interview – follow these tips, and your chances of success will SKYROCKET!

#2. We will then give you lots of example final interview questions and top-scoring answers!

5 VERY IMPORTANT TIPS for preparing for any final job interview!


 Don’t think that just because you have a final interview, you are going to get offered the job. It is not a formality. Yes, you have done really well to get to this stage of the process, but you must take your preparation seriously. Treat it as if it’s your first interview!


Be prepared to answer some of the same questions as the first interview. There might be someone interviewing you who wasn’t at the first interview, so make sure you revisit the answers you gave the first time around.


Be professional during the final interview, even if the location is in a relaxed or casual setting! I recommend wearing a smart and professional outfit for your final interview because this demonstrates consistent high standards.


Take documentation with you to the final interview in a smart-looking presentation folder. Take with you a copy of your CV or resume, details of any references who will recommend you for the position, your 30, 60, and 90-day plan for when you start work, and also certificates or proof of any professional development courses you have completed.

FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTION #1 – Please introduce yourself again.

“Thank you for inviting me for a final interview. I would describe myself as a resilient, industrious, and hard-working employee who prides himself on high standards, delivering quality work, and continuous improvement.

I have worked in several positions that are relevant to the skills required in this position. I have very good interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to solve difficult problems and challenges quickly, and a desire to maintain competence by taking ownership of my professional development.

I am a high achiever. For example, in my previous role, my manager often praised me for my strong work ethic, selfless attitude, adaptability to change, and my calm nature during challenging situations.

I believe I can add significant value to your organization in the role, and if you do hire me, I will work hard to be a supportive, productive, and reliable team member whilst upholding the core values of your company.”

FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTION #2 – What motivates you?

“I am motivated by three things. Number one, achieving great things in my professional life. I like to feel challenged at work because that drives and motivates me. Number two, I am motivated by providing for my family. I want my family to feel secure, and have the opportunity to do the things they are passionate about. I will only realize that goal if I work hard and my employer is successful. Finally, I am motivated by lifelong learning and development. I believe there is always something new to learn, and if I am undertaking training and development courses, it means I am working towards my full potential.”

FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTION #3 – Tell me about a time when you faced criticism at work.

“My manager criticized me in my last job for not taking notes during team meetings. I have an excellent memory, but my manager noticed I had forgotten to do something she’d asked me to do, and rightly criticized me for it. I apologized, listened to her feedback, and immediately started taking concise notes to ensure the same situation never happened again.”

FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTION #4 – How do you prioritize your work?

“I prioritize my work based on the needs of my employer. I create a list of daily tasks and then decide which ones need to be completed first based on the commercial and operational goals of the company. I often use a traffic light system for tasks based on priority level. Red tasks need my immediate attention, amber tasks come next, and green tasks can be completed when I have more time available. I also ensure there is flexibility in my working day to respond to urgent tasks or requests from my manager or supervisor.”

FINAL INTERVIEW QUESTION #5 What are your goals for the next five years?

“My goals are to get hired by your company, start learning all policies and procedures and work on important projects that help the business move forward. I would then set myself different goals over the coming months and years that involved collaborating with as many experienced people in the company as possible to learn from them, helping new team members get up to speed when they join, and undertaking and completing internal training courses that would enhance and diversify my skills. In five years, I would hope to have either gained promotion internally or have more responsibility in my current role and be seen as a high-performing, trustworthy, and valuable asset of the organization.”

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