Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test

Fire Control Operator (FCOp) Number Recall Test – Video Assessment

The main duty of a Fire Control Operator (FCOp) is to obtain enough information from the caller and, within 90 seconds of taking the call, decide what fire crews and equipment need to be sent to the incident.

The Fire Control Operator Number Recall Test is an assessment whereby you will be given a sequence of numbers, either by a representative or on a recording, and you will need to write down that number in the correct order.

The above video provides 3 practice number recall tests.

Listen to the instructions at the beginning of the video very carefully, the tests are to be taken under timed conditions.

This assessment will take you approximately 14 minutes to complete.

Before the number recall tests begins, the above video will provide you with an overview of the number recall test, including an example question breakdown.

We recommend you have a pen and paper at hand before you start watching this video.

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