GCSE Spanish Revision – Internet Module – Key Vocab

Of course, social media represents something of a ubiquitous presence in modern life, and, as discussed in the French revision blog, new vocab about the Internet appears every day. In GCSE Spanish revision there is no exception. So, although a Spanish social network called Tuenti is as or even more popular than Facebook, it is most likely that you will be using FB to connect with any Spanish friends in the future, so this vocab will have real-life application. Vocabulary surrounding Facebook will also be very useful to have in speaking and writing exam situations, and, although this specific vocab is not on the syllabus for GCSE Spanish revision, it will be very relevant to bring up in any question surrounding the topic of ‘the Internet’. So, let’s look at some Spanish vocab about Facebook and impress some examiners!

Tu perfil de Facebook – Your Facebook profile

Spanish GCSE revision - Internet profile
  1. Mi perfil – My profile
  2. Inicio – Home
  3. Solicitudes de amistad – Friend requests
  4. Mensajes – Messages
  5. Notificaciones – Notifications
  6. Privacidad/Configuración – Privacy/Settings
  7. Foto de portada – Cover photo
  8. Foto de perfil – Profile picture
  9. Biografía – Timeline
  10. Información – About
  11. Amigos – Friends
  12. Fotos – Photos
  13. Presentación – Intro (bio)
  14. Localidad – Location
  15. Agragar/Añadir fotos destacadas – Add featured photos

Tu pagina de inicio – Your homepage (part 1)

GCSE Spanish revision - Internet homepage
    1. Busca personas, lugares y cosas – Search for people, places and things
    2. Actualizar estado – Update status
    3. Agregar/Añadir fotos/videos -Add photos/video
    4. Crear álbum de fotos – Create photo album
    5. Editar perfil – Edit profile
    6. ¿Qué piensas?/ ¿Qué tienes en mente? – What’s on your mind?
    7. Paginas sugeridos – Suggested pages
    8. Últimas noticias – News feed
    9. Mensajes – Messages
    10. ¿Quién quieres que vea esto (estado)? – Who do you want to see this (status)?
    11. Publicar – Post
    12. Eventos – Events
    13. Enlaces guardados – Saved links
    14. Estás viendo las historias más recientes. Volver a titulares – Viewing most recent stories. Back to top stories.

      Tu pagina de inicio – Your homepage (part 2)

      GCSE Spanish revision - Internet homepage 2
    16. Juegos – Games
    17. Perfil de un amigo/una amiga – A friend’s profile
    18. Estado de un amigo/una amiga – A friend’s status
    19. Fotos – Photos
    20. Ver tradución – See translation
    21. Toques – Pokes
    22. Me gusta – Like
    23. Comentar – Comment
    24. Compartir – Share
    25. Escribe un comentario… – Write a comment…
    26. Adjuntar una foto – Attach a photo
    27. Publicar un sticker – Post a sticker
    28. Idioma – Language

    Más vocabulario relevante – More relevant vocabulary

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    • Amigos en común – Mutual friends
    • Tu amigo le ha gustado esto – Your friend likes this
    • Interesarse por un evento – To be interested in an event
    • Asistir – To attend
    • Invitar – To invite
    • Los cumpleaños – Birthdays
    • Actualizar información – Update information
    • Registro de actividad – Activity log
    • Entrar – Sign in
    • Salir – Sign out

    Why not try setting your default language to Spanish on Facebook? This would be very helpful in your GCSE Spanish revision, and could be something useful to bring up in a speaking exam! Of course, you can also do this on Twitter. Immersion in the language can only aid your GCSE Spanish revision!