Top 5 Ways to Get Your CV Noticed

Get Your CV Noticed Tip 1 – Stay Relevant.

Of course, your best CV for any application is one that has been tailored specifically to it. Don’t feel like you have to list everything you’ve ever done – have a thorough read of the job description and match the relevant experience you have to the skills the employer is looking for. In other words, convince the hirer that you have a proven track record in delivering results in their area. This will make your application a much more enticing read; whoever’s looking at it won’t have to sift through reams of text to find what they’re after. Trimming down your CV in this way will also help keep it manageably concise – a godsend for busy recruiters. This is the first place to start when trying to get your CV noticed.

get your cv noticed

Get Your CV Noticed Tip 2 – Show results.

Rather than simply listing the job descriptions for the roles you have previously held, write down what you personally, actually did. Mention specific tasks and projects which demonstrate your abilities in your field, don’t just put down the generic responsibilities you had. This will add a vital sense of personality to your CV, which no other applicant can have. Similarly, this is a chance to show off the specific skills you gained from carrying out these tasks, and demonstrate how your career has developed in recent years. Do all this, and you will make it hard for an employer to ignore your application.

Get Your CV Noticed Tip 3 – Be human.

In the clamour to mention everything that you want to, in as few words as possible, it can be easy to lose a sense of humanity in your CV. Don’t underestimate the importance of this – employers want to find out about you as a person, as well as your professional attributes. Write a short personal description to introduce your CV, which explains why you are applying at this time, and what you alone can bring to the employer. This will provide some context to the rest of your CV, and allow the recruiter to obtain a more rounded image of you. However, make sure you keep this section professional and accurate!

Get Your CV Noticed Tip 4 – Cut out the clichés.

With the number of CVs that come across their desks, many recruiters will have read about ‘enthusiastic’, ‘dynamic’, and ‘motivated’ candidates a good few times. Think about what you’re really conveying with these buzzwords. Generally, it’s not a whole lot. Instead of making grand claims like this, show employers you are these things with your experience. It’s for other people to describe you in such terms; your job is to be them! What’s more, words are at a premium on your CV. Don’t waste them on unhelpful clichés.

Get Your CV Noticed Tip 5 – Be visible.

To promote yourself and your CV, you should curate an online presence. Networks like LinkedIn are the obvious choice for this, where you can set out your skills and endorsements. However, maintaining other professional social media accounts can only help you. For example, a specialist Twitter account on which you can share work or ideas will impress recruiters, and help you build up a name for yourself in your particular industry. This can also assist with getting out of a spell of being rejected or not being asked to interview. An impressive online presence another aspect of your application you can use to catch employers’ attention, so consider putting some effort into it.

get your cv noticed

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