Good Paying Jobs That Nobody Wants

When it comes to finding a job, choosing a career path often reflects a person’s personality and character. This said, a person often basis their choices on professions that are somewhat ‘obvious’ to every job seeker out there.

Therefore it is important to establish a range of job choices that sometimes go unnoticed. These jobs are often jobs that are described as ‘Dirty Money’; people don’t want, or don’t think of them as respected, but in actual fact are some of the most lucrative careers in terms of a career path, income and originality. This blog will count down the top 10 good paying jobs that nobody wants. Not only will we do this for the UK, but we will also look at jobs from France and Italy.


The UK

10. Crime Scene Cleaner

Dirty, smelly, long hours, confined spaces – all part of the job as a crime scene cleaner. Doesn’t sound appealing? Well this is why it has made it on to our list of ‘dirty money’ joCrime Scenebs. Crime Scene Cleaners job goes well beyond just cleaning; they are sometimes required to rip up the floor boards and carpets to be able to do their job properly.

With great responsibility and strenuous work; the job does come with some advantages, the pay check for one. Crime scene cleaners can make a six figure salary depending on experience and professionalism, an average salary for crime scene cleaners is approximately £30,000 to £40,000. It is a good paying job that many people do not consider taking as a career path.


  1. Truck Drivers

A job that is often described as ‘shaving around 10 years off your life expectancy’, driving a truck is a career that does not require any college degrees or extensive training.

On average, truck drivers can earn around £24,000 per year, but as you become an established driver and gain experience; salary will increase.

Although this may not seem like the most exciting job in the world, it earns a decent income for work that is not too difficult.


  1. Oil Rig Worker

Long hours, stressful work, strenuous lifestyle – a life as an oil rig worker. Oil rig workers take on huge amounts of responsibility working offshore on oil rigs. Apprentices can earn around £12,000 and £20,000 a year, whereas experienced oil rig workers and depending on your job title, you can earn between Oil Rig£25,000 and £50,000 a year. If you think you could work a 12 hour shift, live away from home for periods of time, have an active lifestyle and are physically fit; then you should look into becoming an oil rig worker.


  1. Courier

Delivering packages, messages and mail, a courier is used as a way of transporting important documents and deliveries to companies and people.

It is estimated that a courier can earn an average salary of £30,000 a year which seems a major plus to the job! However, not everyone is cut out for this role.


  1. Roustabout

The role of a Roustabout requires you to work on offshore oil or gas drilling rigs. Roustabout’s usually do unskilled manual labour to help keep the rig and platform working as efOil industryficiently as possible.

The job is physically demanding; it entails a great deal of hands on and practical work that often requires bending, lifting and other strenuous activity. This job is highly rewarding and is a good paying job.

Starting salaries are usually around £18,000 per year and will increase will time, experience and professionalism.



  1. Crop Dusting Pilots

Take a different spin of a piloting career, and pick a career in a dangerous aviation career.  A crop dusting pilot has the responsibility for flying planes over crops from very low altitudes. This job requires a great stamina and observational skills for dodging objects obstructing the route (power lines, fence posts etc).

A consideration to take in regards to this job is the exposure to chemicals on a daily basis. Hold on to your seat, you would be amazed of how much a crop dusting pilot can earn. A staggering £65,000 per year can be earned for this disregarded career.


  1. Sewage Flushers

Become a ‘Sewage Monkey’ and earn around £45,000 a year for flushing the sewage systems. This is a highly lucrative job, yet so overlooked by people when looking for a different career.

When Leicester Square in London was clogged in 2010, there was approximately 10000 tonnes of putrid fluid that blocked up the sewage works.

Although it may seem a least desirable job, it is among the best paid with continuous contracts to ensure maximum working time. London is a lucrative city that carries out works for around 55,000 sewage blockages and therefore work is never ending.


  1. Embalmers

If you are interested in a career path that you can start from having a high school diploma and training, becoming an embalmer maybe appealing.

Earning around £18,000 – £28,000 a year, you will work with the deceased, washing and disinfecting bodies, restoring appearance after injury and other general care.

This is a job the world will always need but not always wanted, however the job contains a certain level of uniqueness and experience. Despite this job requiring a certain type of person to deal with the deceased, it is a job worth considering if you wish to have a good paying job that is less competitive than others.


  1. PodiatristPodiatrist

Podiatry is a lucrative yet somewhat unappealing job that is often overlooked by people when they are choosing a career.

You would be dealing with tasks such as ingrown toe nails, bunions, ulcers and many more enthralling toe tasks and other fun-filled feet factors.

Average earnings of up to £29,000 per year is the typical starting point for podiatrists and can ultimately increase up to £40,000 with the right experience and specialised training.


  1. Gastroenterologist

It is without a doubt that Gastroenterologists are some of the highest paid in the medical profession. An average salary for a Gastroenterologist can expect to earn up to £92,000.

Despite the profession being considered as mundane; the earnings are sure to take your fancy. The term refers to the digestive system, dealing with problems from the liver, pancreas, gall bladder etc.


Choosing a career can be a difficult job in itself. Most people have an idea or vision of where they see themselves working. However, not every job is wanted and not every person is cut out for certain jobs.

These dirty money jobs in Italy are classed as unappealing and somewhat undesirable. However, such jobs hold a lucrative status in regards to occupations and we are about to give you the load down on what jobs nobody wants in Italy.

  1. Gastroenterologist

The job of a Gastroenterologist is a job that nobody wants but pays surprisingly well. The role of the job deals with a branch of medicine that focuses particularly on the digestive system they deal with disorders and cancers and any other abnormality involving the bowel, colon, stomach etc. Although this ‘dirty money’ job is undesirable for most, you may reconsider when you find out how much they earn. On average, Gastroenterologists in Italy make around 5000 euros a month! That’s 60,000 euros a year! Its a good paying job and is highly lucrative in terms of career opportunities and progression.


  1. Accountants and Financing

No matter what country you are in; accountancy and finance are always described as “boring”. This job is often overlooked due to it being somewhat undesirable. However, what many people fail to realise is that accountancy is an occupation that guarantees a solid and desirable income. Accountancy jobs in Italy see average earnings of over 3,000 euros a mAccountantsonth. This lucrative income makes up for its boring connotations, surely?

If you are good with numbers, well organised and are generally good with your finances, then maybe you should carefully consider this as a job you may be interested in.


  1. Commissioned Salespeople

‘Why would I work somewhere where I am not guaranteed an income?’ Good question. But the fact of the matter is commissioned salespeople are some of the most lucrative earners. People who are confident, persuasive and have a general interest in other people, then this job may be right up your street. Depending on what type of industry you work for, whether that is a bank or car dealership, there is no cap of how much you can earn, therefore the more hard work you put in, the more your will be rewarded.


  1. Roughnecks

Italy is one of the easiest places to get a job as a roughneck. The job is extremely demanding and involves tremendous amounts of physical labour. In Italy, some oil rigs do not require any experience or background in field, you will be taught from the beginning. It is not the cleanest or fanciest of jobs but it can lead to a lucrative career as an oil rig worker. Depending on your experience and position will depend on the type of salary you can expect to earn. But average earnings is between 150 and 400 euros a day!


  1. Sewage inspector

Dark, dirty, disgusting – all words that most people would probably associate with sewages. Sewage inspectors play an important role in our society. They keep our streets clean by mainSewage Flusherstaining our sewage systems and assure they are working. A dirty job, but someone has to do it! Sewage inspectors can expect to work in damp, dark, confined spaces occupied with rats, cockroaches, and never ending human refuse.

An advantage of becoming a sewage inspector is the money! Sewage inspectors can earn between 20,000 and 60,000 euros a year depending on their levels of experience and professionalism.


  1. Pizza Maker

Enjoy pizza? How about making it a career? Whilst Italians are sometimes too proud for such a job like this one. If you are not reluctant or too proud to get your hands dirty on this job, then this may be the job for you! An added bonus, you’ll definitely have your lunch sorted! An average salary can be earned making and cooking pizzas, with an estimated 15000 euros a year.


  1. Toll Collector

Most of the motorways or freeways in Italy are toll roads. Therefore someone has to be the person that sits in that small and confined booth and take money from people coming in and out of the city. Toll booth collectors the pay for toll booth is reasonably good. They receive great benefits and extra over time which can sometimes double their pay check. They can earn around 20,000 to 45,000 euros a year depending on where the toll booth is, how busy it gets and your experience.


  1. Truck Driver

Sitting for hours and driving around the country sound appealing to you? Probably not. Truck drivers is considered a ‘dirty’ job which is often referred to as a masculine job. Sleep deprivation, long journeys, eating lots of junk food, the job role does not sound all that glamorous. However, on average truck drivers in Italy can make around 2500 euros a month for driving around, slightly above average in terms of monthly wage. Although this may be a slightly higher than average wage, it is a good paying job nonetheless, and so it is worth considering if you fancy a career change.


  1. MechanicMechanic

The role of a mechanic – fixing engine, getting hands on with technical and mechanical equipment. This job is proper hands on and requires a great deal of physical activity. Anything from fixing motorbikes, bicycles, cars, boilers and other mechanical equipment, the job requires some knowledge and understanding of how mechanical and technical equipment operates.

The average earnings of mechanics in Italy can expect to earn around 16000 euros a year. This is the lowest average; some mechanics earn a great deal more than this and can earn around 40,000 euros. Not a bad wage for a dirty money job!


  1. Garbage Collectors

Garbage collectors deal with our daily trash. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs and is need of a hard worker. Although this job is not tailored to everyone, the salary is rather reasoGarbage Collectorsnable.

Garbage collectors require great communication skills, motivation, quick-responses and able to multi-task. If this is something you feel you could do, give it a try!



Choosing a career can often be a long-winded process. With everyone applying for the same jobs it means everyone is competing for the same thing. Thus, this article will demonstrate a variety of jobs that are often described as ‘rundown’ or ‘dirty money’ jobs.

However, these jobs are some of the most lucrative jobs that nobody stops to think about. Take a look, and see if you are cut out for any of the following which may not seem attractive, but has some great advantages:

  1. Plumbers

The occupation of a plumber is seen as undesirable for a lot of people. However, what they fail to realise is that the potential income for this job is quite lucrative. Average earnings in FrancPlumberse see plumbers earning around 18000 euros each year. Although this doesn’t seem like a great deal, with great experience comes great income.

The more you put into the job, the more you will be rewarded. Typical plumber duties include fitting, servicing and repairing water pipes and heating systems. This type of job usually allows people to train on the job and from there, you can work your way up.


  1. Grape Pickers

Grape pickers is a job that not many will consider when choosing a career path. This tiring position is physically strenuous and exhausting. As the job title suggests, picking grapes isn’t all that plain sailing. You will be requires you to pick and process the grapes ready to make into wine. You can expect to earn around 50 euros a day, which can be considerably more depending on the specific job role and place where you work.


  1. Window Washers

The job of a window washer – not very glamorous and often overlooked. You will mix chemicals and detergents, use ladders for high windows and clean and dry windows to a high standard. An average of 20,000 euros a year can be made from washing windows, so it is a career worth looking into, if you want a reasonable income. Of course, the income can increase depending on your services and experience that you provide. Not many people want to become a window washer, and so the job is not in demand as opposed to some of the more obvious choices in regards to careers.


  1. Construction

Construction has become a popular job for a lot of people, in particular for men. Their job is on a site which is being built, whether it be homes, offices, bridges or anything. It is a trade that requires great physical activity, hard work and possible long hours in heated conditions.Construction

The job is considered ‘dirty money’ because of its very hands on approach. However, what many people fail to realise that construction workers earn a decent wage. Construction workers in France can earn around 28-35,000 euros a month! Construction workers are always going to be needed because of the demands of the population, and therefore it a good paying job which increases as you gain more experience.


  1. Waiter

France is home to some of the finest bars and restaurants in the world. French cuisine is just one of the highlights of visiting the beautiful country. Waiters are often overlooked and described as a job that is undesirable to most.

Waiters in France can work in some of the most prestigious bars and restaurants and are paid on average 1,495 euros a month. Not only do they receive their wages, but they also have great potential for earning extra money in tips.


  1. Farming

Farming is one of France’s most important industries. From cereal crops, to beef, pork and poultry to fruit and vegetables, farmers offer a service that is required by everyone.Farmers

There are many small farms in France that still use traditional techniques and bio-farms. Income can fluctuate depending on the type of produce that is sold, the size of operation and the success of their wholesale and harvest prices. The average income for French farmers is around 20,100 euros, but it solely depends on the type of farming you do.



  1. Bakers

Whilst bakers are not deemed as a desirable job, it can lead to great money. France is home to some of the greatest bakeries. From small businesses to professional and prestigious place, bakers ensure that their baguettes, croissants and other bake goods live up to expectations of French cuisine.

Some bakers who run their own business can net 3,000 – 4,000 euros a month. Building your own business can be difficult and some people do not have the will power, but if you have the passion and ambition for all things bakery, then this job may suit you well.


  1. Sommeliers

A sommelier’s job is to provide great knowledge and show experience about different wines. They might be hired by a restaurant to put together a wine list that is suited to the food that they are serving. Sommeliers’ can show customers how to open the bottle of wine and properly sample and taste it. Whilst many people could consider themselves as wine experts, this job requires you to complete a course in Viticulture in order to become a professional sommelier. Salaries depend on your situation. Some sommeliers may work on independent contracts, whilst others may get hired full or part time by restaurants. An average salary for someone starting out on 22,000 euros each year, but more experienced sommelier’s can expect to earn up to 100,000 euros. If you believe you have the knowledge and passion for wine, this job may be perfectly suitable for you.


  1. Garbage Collectors

Garbage collectors have to deal with our trash day in and day out. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs and therefore makes in on to our list of ‘dirty money’. Although this job is not tailored to everyone, the salary is rather reasonable. On average, garbage collectors can earn around 18,000 euros in France, which is about average.

Garbage collectors require great communication skills, motivation, quick-responses and able to multi-task. If this is something you feel you could do, give it a try!


  1. Dairy farmers

Dairy farming is an agricultural process of producing milk and sell for dairy products. If you think getting mucky, milking lots and lots of cows seemDairy Farmss relatively okay with you, then why not check out dairy farming jobs. Dairy farming is France’s second largest agri-food business, after meat, and these jobs are hardly competitive and gives you a better chance of getting the job!  Don’t be surprised, but dairy farmers in France can earn around 18,000 to 30,000 euros a year, depending on the size of the business and the amount of business you are able to sale! Not bad for someone who can spend the majority of time outdoors and with animals! This is a job that requires a certain type of person who is committed and focused on producing great results. Whilst the start off income may not be great, experienced dairy farmers are considered to make good money.

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