HR Manager Interview Questions: Ace Your Human Resources Interview!

Learn to pass HR Manager Interview Questions with our essential tips

How To Answer HR Manager Interview Questions

Do you have a Human Resources (HR) Manager interview coming up?

In this blog post, Richard McMunn will teach you how to ace HR Manager interview questions, by providing you with sample interview questions and answers.

To start off with, we recommend you watch the following video that will lay the foundations for helping you score highly during your HR Manager interview questions:

Tell me about yourself and why you will make a competent and professional HR Manager?

Here are two great tips to help you answer this initial interview question:

TIP 1: During your answer, focus on the skills, attributes and previous work experience you have that are relevant to the role of a Human Resources manager. Do not spend time discussing your home life – they are not interested.

TIP 2: Key skills such as managing, leading, attention to detail, resilience, an ability to follow rules and procedures are all positive attributes of this specific role.

Sample Response

I am a competent, professional and dedicated employee who has a great amount of passion for the Human Resources industry. Over the years I have committed myself to the role and developed the necessary skills and attributes to be able to perform the role to a high standard. I would make a great Human Resources Manager because I am highly organised, committed, set myself and others high standards, never deviate from the rules, the law or procedures and I can also motivate and inspire a team to consistent achieve the company’s goals and objectives in respect of HR.

HR Manager interview questions are notoriously difficult!

Describe your management style in 3 words and how these would help you become a great Human Resources Manager?

Here are two tips for helping you prepare your answer correctly:

TIP 1: This question relates to your style of management. Therefore, you need to pick out 3 strong qualities you have that all combine to make a resilient and robust managerial style.

TIP 2: My advice is to give 3 specific attributes and then back up each of them with a reason as to why they are impressive qualities.

Sample Response

I would say my management style is consistent, inspirational, and professional. I am consistent, because I will always treat people fairly and on the same level at all times. I am inspirational because I believe I can encourage my team to thrive within the environment they are working in, and I am professional because I will always uphold the principles and values of the organisation I am working for and also uphold employment law and regulations at all times.

To you, what are the most important qualities and attributes needed to be a competent Human Resources Manager?

Before we explore the answer to this and other HR Manager interview questions, here are two important tips:

TIP 1: Have a set number of qualities and attributes already prepared for this answer. My advice is to utilise 7 specific, main qualities and attributes that are essential to the HR Manager role.

TIP 2: Before you answer this question, my advice is to study the job description in detail and pick out the key qualities and attributes they require from the successful candidate.

Sample Response

You need 7 key attributes to be competent in the HR manager role. These are, an ability to responsibly lead and motivate your team; an desire to abide by the rules, the law and the regulations surrounding human resources; great attention to detail as you cannot make mistakes in regards to employment law and contracts; a ability to keep-up-to-date with industry regulations and developments; a willingness to be steadfast in your approach when dealing with difficult employees; a passion for carrying out each task to the required standards and also a thorough understanding of employment law and other relevant regulations

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work for our company as a Human Resources Manager?

TIP 1: Have two key reasons why you have chosen their company. My advice is to focus on their reputation within their industry, and the fact they are a supportive organization, which will in turn enable you to perform your role as HR Manager to a high standard.

TIP 2: At the end of your answer, give a specific reason why you feel you will be able to excel in the role as their HR Manager.

Sample Response

I have chosen your company for two main reasons. The first reason is because of the reputation you have within the industry and the standards you expect of your staff. Secondly, you are clearly an organization who supports its staff in their work. I want to work in an organization that will support me within the role of HR Manager, because I too have very high standards and I feel it is important to have the support of your senior management team when working in this role. Human Resources is, in my opinion, an integral part of the successful management of any organization, and whilst some companies may pay lip service to it, you clearly take Human Resources very seriously. Those are the main reasons why I have chosen your organization to work for over others and I believe I would get immense satisfaction in this role as I will be able to move the Human Resources team forward in a positive and constructive manner.

Pass your HR Manager interview questions with our essential tips.

Tell me about a time when you dealt with a complex HR issue?

Here’s a couple of brilliant tips for getting your answer correct!

TIP 1: Make the situation as difficult as possible and demonstrate how resilient you were in resolving the issues that were presented. To be an effective HR Manager, you will need to be confident and resilient in everything you do.

TIP 2: Use the STAR technique when answering this interview question. This will ensure the response you give is SPECIFIC in nature.

Sample Response

In a previous role, I was working as part of a Human Resources team who were tasked with implementing new working practices for managers and team leaders. The organisation had been in some difficulty for some time in respect of receiving numerous complaints from staff about how they were being treated by some departmental heads and managers. This was a difficult project to work on, simply because most of the managers and team leaders had been in position for many years and they had not been held accountable for their actions. We started off by creating a robust set of working practices that clearly defined the standards expected of all managerial staff. Once these had been created and verified by our legal department, we set about carrying out training for all managerial staff based on the new procedures. This proved to be the most difficult stage of the process, simply because we came up against some difficult managers who were clearly not open to change. However, we persevered, set the standards high and put in support processes for all managers to utilise if and when they needed that support. After 6 months of completing the turnaround, the complaints from staff ceased and the organisation was in a much better place managerially to move forward and achieve its objectives.

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