Answering Interview Questions With No Experience: Pro Tips!

Answering interview questions with no experience can be a daunting prospect.

Hello, my name is Richard McMunn, and in this blog I will be showing you the best method for answering interview questions with no experience.

At some point in our lives, we all have to go for that ‘first interview’. Everyone has to start from somewhere; but if you have no experience then it can be hard to get your foot in the door. However, even if you have no experience then that doesn’t mean you can’t get the job. There are lots of ways to show that you are still the right person for the role, and in this blog I am going to show them to you. So, let’s get started!

Tell me about yourself and why you are suited to this role

This will be the first interview question, and in my opinion, is the easiest one for answering with no experience. Use strong keywords and phrases that are attractive to the employer who is interviewing you. Make sure you study the job description carefully and pick out specific elements from that description that you can use in your interview response.

Answer this question by focusing on the strength of your personality, your enthusiasm for the role, and what has attracted you to their company.

Sample Response

I am an enthusiastic, professional, loyal and hard-working person who has been working towards applying for this post for many months now.

I am someone who believes their personality will be a big asset to an employer, not least because of my dedication to my work, my willingness to go above and beyond what is required, and also my hunger for learning and developing new skills.

I am particularly attracted to your company because I want to work for someone who is ambitious, innovative and who gives their employees the opportunity to thrive.

Why should we hire you?

Make your lack of experience work in your favour. Use this as a strength and tell the panel you are fresh, enthusiastic, hungry and ready to get started!

You want the panel to hire you because of your passion for this job and how much you are attracted to their company. You therefore need to have a ‘point of interest’ relevant to their company to talk about, when answering interview questions with no experience.

Sample Response

I am the best person for the job because I have a great passion for this type of role, and the skills to work to a high standard. I believe job satisfaction comes from two things: firstly, it comes from working in a role your skills are most compatible with, and secondly, it comes from working for a caring, enthusiastic and forward-thinking employer like yourself.

Whilst researching your company, I kept coming across your innovative and exciting plans for the future, and I very much want to be a part of them. For example, whilst reading your website I found out that one of your recent new product launches has been a great success with your customers. I believe I would get a great sense of pride from working as part of the team that delivers excellent customer service whilst striving to meet your company objectives time and again.

Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team to achieve a difficult task?

In line with the previous point, it’s important that your CV is full of positive words and phrases, showing that you are an attractive and highly-employable candidate. The types of words you should include within your CV are:

  • Professional
  • Loyal and hardworking
  • Enthusiastic
  • Committed
  • Customer-focused
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
  • Flexible

If you include the above keywords and phrases when writing your CV, it is sure to resonate positively with the employer or recruiting manager. Your CV is essentially a chance to sell yourself to the employer. You aren’t just selling your skills, but you are selling your personal qualities too. Ultimately having the right skills means nothing if you don’t have the personal qualities to use these skills, or if you don’t know how to write a brilliant CV. So, make sure you sell yourself!

Our blog is packed with tips on answering interview questions with no experience.

Explain a time when you delivered excellent customer service?

If you have no experience, these types of behavioural interview question can be harder to answer. However, when answering questions of this nature, focus on 3 things:

  • Your understanding
  • Your skills
  • Your observations

Tell the panel about the times you have seen excellent customer service and how you would replicate what you witnessed.

Sample Response

I am someone who understands the importance of excellent customer service and I realise your business will not survive or develop if your employees don’t deliver it.

During my life so far, I have been an enthusiastic observer of people who work in customer service roles and have witnessed both brilliant customer service and also poor customer service.

Based on the good elements I have witnessed, I would always make the customer feel welcomed, be polite and courteous at all times, listen to their concerns and requirements and go out of my way to deliver the best service possible. I would always focus on making their experience so good that they would come back to your business time and time again.

What are your strengths?

This is your opportunity to showcase the strengths you have that will be a benefit to their organisation. When answering interview questions with no experience, make sure you sell yourself!

My advice is to list the 7 key strengths that are appealing to ANY employer. Here they are…

Throughout my life, I have consistently demonstrated 7 key strengths. These are an ability to work hard to complete any task, a desire and passion to do everything to the highest standards possible, a desire to work as part of a team to complete difficult tasks, a willingness to learn & develop continuously, understanding the importance of and being open to change, a positive attitude to everything i do and a loyal, trustworthy and honest approach to work. I believe if you hire me, you will be impressed by my work ethic and my professional approach to everything I do.

Answering interview questions with no experience is really tough.

What are your weaknesses?

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest questions to answer if you have no experience. However, use a weaknesses that is not a match for the job description. For example, if you are required to work with others as part of a team, don’t say you prefer to work alone.

Give a weakness that could be construed as a strength. Here’s a GREAT ANSWER!

Sample Response

My weakness is that I sometimes take on too much, and I find it hard to say no to people. On occasions, this approach hasn’t helped me as I simply can’t let people down. I then end up putting too much pressure on myself to do things for others. However, I am learning to say no when the time is right.

From a work perspective, I actually think this will be a strength, as I will always work hard for you as my employer, I will be honest at all times and I will do everything to the best of my abilities.

More Advice on Answering Interview Questions with No Experience 

For more advice on answering interview questions with no experience, and pro tips on every element that you’ll need to succeed during your interview, check out our fantastic resource. 

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