Leadership Interview Questions and Answers: 7 Interview Questions and Answers to Guide You to Success!

Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What qualities are needed to be an effective leader?

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“Leadership qualities are many and varied. However, the most important ones include an ability to motivate your team towards achieving the company goals. Being aware of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, being able to focus intently on strategic goals and aims regardless of pressure, being an outstanding communicator and negotiator and also being able to continually review your own performance to ensure you develop your skills, knowledge and expertise to enable you to excel in your role at all times.”

Q2. Describe your leadership style.

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“I am a transformational and visionary leader who has the ability to get the most out of his team members. Therefore, I set high standards from the get-go. I expect my staff to work hard to achieve the strategic aims of the company.

I believe that, by setting high standards and expectations of my team, it allows me to delegate effectively. In turn, this allows me to focus on the wider organisational goals.

I have a track record of achievement . I also enjoy the challenge of motivating my team to enable them to excel in their roles.”

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Q3. Describe a time when you demonstrated effective leadership skills.

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“In my last leadership role, I was given the task of transforming an under-achieving team. I started out by monitoring the team, and in particular the performance of each individual. Next, I made a plan that was designed to achieve the company goals in the fastest time possible. Then, I sat down with the team collectively to both share my vision and to also set the standards I expected from everyone.

I then conducted appraisals with each member of staff to get to know their strengths and their weaknesses. Each team member was given targets to reach as part of their appraisal. At the start of each week I held a short meeting to assess progress and to also provide support to the team from a leadership perspective. Although I had a number of difficult challenges along the way, I managed to turn the team around. When I left the department, the team was the most productive within the organisation.”

Q4. How do you delegate responsibilities efficiently?

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“Whenever I take on a new leadership role, I first of all assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. I also get to know what motivates each member of the team, as this enables me to delegate the right tasks and projects to the right people.

Next, I sit down with each person and explain the vision and strategic goal of the organization to give them a thorough understanding of what we are all working towards and what we want to achieve.

I then delegate the task and give the individual a thorough brief, what the expectations are and also a strict timescale for them to work to. I find this approach to delegation to be highly-effective and it also enables me to put trust in that individual and their ability to deliver.”

Q5. How would you motivate a team?

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“I would motivate the team in 3 ways. Firstly, I would get to know their strengths, weaknesses and also what drives and motivates them both personally and professionally. I believe that, by getting to know these important factors gives you the information you need to get the most of a team member.

Secondly, I would set goals and targets for each team member and also inform them what the company goals were and the reason why we were working towards these goals. I feel strongly that, if you inform people, you empower them.

Finally, I would praise and reward people when they successfully reach their goals or targets. People respond well to praise whenever it is deserved. If you fail to recognize the achievements your team makes, they will soon become demotivated and feel devalued.”

Q6. How do you monitor the performance of the people that you have to lead?

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“I monitor the performance of team members by first of all setting them targets to achieve or projects to complete within a set timeframe. That way, I have something to measure their performance against.

I also always ensure I conduct 6-monthly appraisals of each team member. Whilst the appraisals do take time to complete properly, I feel they are absolutely vital for monitoring a team members performance. The appraisal is always a two-way discussion and it gives the appraisee the opportunity to discuss things that might be hindering them within their role.

So, to summarize, I monitor the performance of my team by setting goals and targets and also by conducting regular, two-way appraisals.”

Q7. Describe a time when you failed as a leader.

Sample Answer – Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

“I don’t fail often as a leader, but I can remember one particular time when I made a mistake that I learnt a tremendous amount from. It was when I first achieved promotion into a new leadership role and I was keen to make a positive impact for my CEO. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to get to know the team and I immediately made changes that weren’t particularly helpful. This had the negative effect of demotivating the team and I then had the challenge of winning them back round and getting them on my side.

I learnt a huge amount from this experience and I am now a much more competent leader. I always find out as much as possible about a team before making changes and this enables me to work with each team members strengths whilst also getting to know the areas they need to improve on, too.

Being honest with yourself, and also being able to reflect and learn from every experience is something I feel is vital to being an outstanding leader.”

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