NHS Graduate Scheme Video Interview: Secure Your NHS Career!

The NHS Graduate Scheme video interview is really tough!

The NHS Graduate Scheme is a hugely popular management initiative, designed to find future leaders for the NHS. One of the most crucial stages of the application process for the scheme, is the online video interview.

During this interview, which comes after successful completion of the online tests, the assessor will attempt to find out what type of person you are and whether you are a suitable candidate for the scheme. In this blog, we’ll explore all of the things you need to do in order to pass the NHS Graduate Scheme video interview, and give you some potential questions to watch out for!

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How To Pass the NHS Graduate Scheme Video Interview

The NHS Graduate Scheme Video Interview is quite different to the majority of interviews that you’ll have faced in the past. Whilst it’s true that this interview won’t take on a particularly unusual format, the difference is that in most careers, the interviewers are looking for a very particular set of skills. For example, if you were applying to an advertising agency, you might expect an interviewer to look for qualities such as creativity, or persuasive language. In this interview, the assessor isn’t looking for skills as such, they are more interested in the type of person you are, and the way you put yourself across. They want to see that you are the right fit for the scheme, and that you are someone who will a) benefit the NHS and b) give your all if you were selected for the scheme.

Of course, certain skills will still be extremely useful. These include:

  • Leadership ability.
  • Organisation.
  • Ability to think long-term.
  • Goals and ambitions.
  • A genuine desire to make a difference.

You can expect to be quizzed on all of the above during your interview. So, be prepared! Now, let’s take a look at some potential NHS graduate scheme video interview questions.

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What makes you a good fit for the NHS Management Graduate Scheme?

This is a great question to lead with, as it covers two essential areas – a) how your personality matches with what the assessor is looking for, and b) how much you’ve researched prior to applying. In this case, the portion of your answer that demonstrates your research will very much depend upon which facet of the scheme you’re applying for, whether that’s finance management, general management, or something else. Whichever you are applying for, think about the qualities that go into said area, and then link them with your own.

For example, if you’re applying for finance management, and the interviewer wants to know what makes you a good fit, then it goes without saying that you need to highlight your skill with numbers and mathematics, and your efficiency in financial areas. If you can demonstrate past experience of working in an area such as this, then it’s a bonus, although not essential.

Top Tips For Answering This Question

  • This is your chance to sell yourself – so do it! Make sure you tell them exactly why you’re a good fit. Link your personal qualities with the requirements for the course, to really impress the interviewer.
  • Make sure you research prior to the interview. You can expect to be asked at least one question focusing around your knowledge and research of the scheme.

How do you think you would cope with being placed in a leadership position?

The NHS graduate scheme is designed to help find the next generation of NHS leaders. While this doesn’t mean you have to be ready to lead just yet, it’s still a quality which the assessors will expect you to embrace. They need people who are ready to step into the challenges that leadership brings, and for this reason, questions such as the above are very common.

When answering this question, think about what makes a good leader in an organisation like the NHS. NHS management have to factor in a wide variety of variables when making decisions, including:

  • How their decisions will impact patients.
  • How their decisions will impact the UK taxpayer.
  • How their decisions will be impacted by funding.
  • Whether their decisions will impact one particular department of the hospital more than others.

Now, think about how you would react when placed in a stressful position, as a leader. Be honest with the interviewer, but remember to sell yourself too!

Top Tips For Answering This Question

  • Try to think about what makes a good leader in the NHS. The assessor doesn’t want to hear a generic leadership-based response, they want you to focus your answer around the qualities required for NHS management specifically.
  • Do you have any past leadership experience? If so, this is a great time to put that across, showing that you have the tools and history to deal with this type of position!

If you were to successfully gain a place on the graduate scheme, what type of things would you do to improve yourself?

Candidates on the NHS Management Graduate Scheme will be given intensive and comprehensive training, to mould them into the perfect managers for the service. However, this doesn’t mean that your development stops there. The NHS are investing a great deal of money in your training, and this means that they’ll expect you to put in the work outside of work hours too.

A good candidate for the NHS Management Graduate Scheme is someone who is always looking to develop and improve their capabilities, whether that means taking on external courses, or even just reading leadership books with a view to enhancing their skills. The NHS don’t want you to rest on your laurels – they want someone who is dedicated and committed to bringing the very highest standards to the service.

Top Tips For Answering This Question

  • Show the interviewer that you are a dedicated and authentic person, who wants to improve their skills and deliver an excellent level of service.
  • Continuous development is a key facet to NHS work. The better you can show that you are committed and dedicated to improving your practice, the better your chances of passing the NHS Graduate Scheme Video Interview.
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