Puzzles for Kids – Pirate Activities

Puzzles for kids are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK children. Puzzles are a fantastic way to not only keep your child entertained, but to also stimulate their brains, and keep their minds active.

I have created this blog to give you a sample of some of the puzzles from our puzzle series: Kids Puzzles and Activities: Pirates and Treasure.

I have also created a video with the same puzzles, just in case you want your child to engage with the puzzles in a more fun and interactive way.

Get your child to work through these videos, and then check the answers.

Puzzles for Kids – Puzzle 1

Find the 12 words in the word search.

Puzzles for Kids – Puzzle 2

Which pirate is connected to which object?

Puzzles for Kids – Puzzle 3

Fill in the grid with the shapes making sure that no shape is repeated in each row or column.

Puzzles for Kids – Puzzle 4

Spot the 10 differences.

Question 1

Question 2
Pirate 1 – Treasure chest
Pirate 2 – Helm / Wheel
Pirate 3 – Cannon

Question 3

Question 4

Pirate Puzzle and Activity Book

This book is available via Amazon and our How2Become website.

Be sure to check out our other puzzle book. This has a Space theme!

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