Safety for Kids: Call 999 in an Emergency

Hello, and welcome to my blog on ‘Safety for Kids’. We can all agree that the safety for our kids is top of our list of most important things. We all want our kids to be safe; we all want our kids to be well-educated in possible dangers, hazards and emergency situations.

That is why I have put together this simple, but highly effective blog – to ensure that every parent, grandparent, auntie or uncle, big brother or big sister, even friends, teaches children the importance of safety, and how to dial 999 in an emergency!

Safety for Kids – No Age is too Young!

Many of us make the mistake that young children are simply too naïve, innocent and young to understand how to make a 999 call. In fact, only 1 in 3 children are being taught how to dial 999 in an emergency.

I don’t disagree that children are at a very young, naive and vulnerable age.Their main worries are what to watch on TV, or who their best friend is at school, or throwing full-on tantrums. However, I am a firm believer that children, even in primary schools, are at their most crucial stages of development. They might have tiny feet and hands, but their brains are much bigger than you think! If you constantly drill in to their minds about a specific subject, chances are they are going to remember it!

There have been several stories in the news about children phoned for an ambulance because their mummy was ill or injured. Click on the link here to be redirected to a story where a child dialled 999 to help save a life!

Would Your Child Know What to do in an Emergency?

Say that you (as a parent, or adult, or even teenager) are at home, with only young children to accompany you. Say that you suffer from epilepsy or diabetes, or some other illness that may require immediate attention. Your life will be in those tiny little hands we call infants.

That is why, the knowledge of what constitutes an emergency, and how to handle this type of situation should be taught to children, to act fast and call for help.

You should also teach your child about other emergency situations such as situations that would require the police, fire brigade, or an ambulance.

Safety for Kids: How to Teach Your Child to Dial 999 in an Emergency?

My first main point to you is that, whilst it is important for your child or children to learn how to dial 999, I cannot stress the importance of teaching them the importance of only using this number in REAL emergencies. Safety for kids is a crucial learning step for EVERY child.

Make it clear to them that losing their favourite teddy bear, or fighting with their brother does not constitute an emergency.

Only you know your child inside-and-out. Only you will know how best to handle this conversation. Some children will simply learn by keep being told time and time again. Other children will learn by watching something on TV, and having it explained, whilst others will learn by playing role-play games. Pick a way to suit your child!

Visual Aids are Great to Teach Safety to Kids

When it comes to children learning new things, visual aids are a great way to show what you are trying to say.

They are much more likely to pay attention to you if they have something visual to remember that information.

Games are another great way to instil your child’s memory with important information. Make it clear to them about the role of a paramedic/doctor, a police officer, and a firefighter.

Your child probably already has good knowledge about these from the likes of fireman sam, and zooming vehicles of ambulances and fire engines.

Teach your child to know which vehicle they require in the event of an emergency. Remember, at the beginning of a 999 call, they will be expected to say which service they require. Teach your child what each vehicle and person does as their job… to make sure that they ask for the right service.

Safety for Kids: In the Event of an Emergency…

It is important that your child is able to call 999, and know exactly what to say.

Teach your child to learn their full name, address, and telephone number. I believe that the more you persevere with the same information, the more your child will likely remember that information. You can also leave this information by the telephone in your house.

This will allow your child to quickly pick up the phone, dial 999, and recite the information on the card.

What Emergency Situations Should you Teach your Child?

You need to carefully word scenarios to your child about different situations that would require the emergency services.

Inform them that if they are ever unsure, and there is not an adult around, to call 999 – it is better to be safe than sorry!

Talk to your child about different emergency service workers such as the police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and paramedics… and make sure they know what each of them does. That way, your child will have a better understanding of knowing who to call if they should ever need to phone 999.

Role plays and games are great ways to get your child to remember important information. If you have a medical condition, you will need to teach your child to know the signs to look out for if you require assistance. Don’t use words that will scare them – but say things like ‘if mummy has one of her seizures, and keep shaking, phone for a doctor to help me get better.’

Your child needs to be constantly reassured in situations like these. That said, you need to stress that calling 999 as a joke is naughty. You need to emphasise that they can get into trouble if they are messing around.

Safety for Kids: Things to Remember