SPAG Test KS2 – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

The SPAG Test

Every child aged 7 to 11, will undergo a series of assessments during their Key Stage 2 education. It is important that children are fully prepared for these assessments, and the only way I believe they can truly be prepared, is via practice!

Within this blog, I am going to provide you and your child with sample KS2 English questions to ensure they know what to expect during their English assessments.


SPAG is an mnemonic device to remember how your child will be assessed. The SPAG test is an English test which focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

S – spelling
P – punctuation
A – and
G – grammar

Spelling, punctuation and grammar is crucial to an English assessment, as well as many other key school subjects. The SPAG test is basically assessments which determine how well your child has grasped the English language in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Key questions to consider:

• Does your child struggle with spelling?
• Do they find certain words hard to spell?
• Are they ways in which you can help improve your child’s spelling?
• What does your child understand by the term ‘grammar’?
• Do they grasp the basics of English grammar?
• Do they use punctuation correctly?
• Is their knowledge sufficient to pass their SPAG test?


Question 1
Tick the box to say whether the bold statement is a main clause or subordinate clause.

How2Become KS2 SPAG Test Question 1

Question 2
Write down another word that sounds the same as the word listed.

How2Become KS2 SPAG Test Question 2

Question 3
Find the correct prefix or suffix to complete the words and then find them in the word search. The prefixes/suffixes can be used more than once.

How2Become KS2 SPAG Test Question 3

Question 4
Tick the box to show whether the highlighted word is a verb, adverb or adjective.

How2Become KS2 SPAG Test Question 4


Question 1
• Although I was terrified, i removed the spider from my room = subordinate clause
• The baby woke up every time there was a thunder storm. = main clause
• My mum and dad, who had just got back from holiday, were impressed by how clean the house was = subordinate clause
• I went back to Germany, where I use to live. = subordinate clause

Question 2
• Right = write
• Ate = eight
• Pear = pair
• Sent = scent

Question 3
• Implausible
• Supervision
• Malfunction
• Disrespect
• Friendly
• Carelessness
• Fearful
• Playful
• Firstly
• Unhappy
• Immature
• Impossible

Question 4
• Jordan’s backpack was QUITE heavy = adverb
• The VALUABLE watch was stolen = adjective
• PERHAPS he was waiting for someone = adverb
• The elephant’s trunk was HUGE = adjective
• We SUNG on the karaoke = verb
• I ATE all of the leftover cake = verb

For more practice questions for the SPAG test (KS2 spelling, punctuation and grammar) please check out the following resources:


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