Salary expectations 2023

The interview question, WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY EXPECTATIONS is undoubtedly one of the hardest to answer! Say the wrong thing, and you won’t get the salary you deserve leading to you feeling unappreciated in the job. On the other hand, if you ask for too much salary, you could price yourself out of the competition!

Therefore, if you have an interview coming up soon for any role or company, keep reading because we will tell you exactly what to say in response to the question, WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY EXPECTATIONS?

OK, let’s start off and show you an example of how NOT to answer the tough interview question, WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY EXPECTATIONS?


 “What are my salary expectations? Oooh, good question… I’m not sure to be honest. What would you be prepared to pay someone like me with my level of experience?”

 So, that was a weak answer that gives the hiring manager the opportunity to offer you the lowest salary possible. The response lacked preparation, and confidence.

3 Important Tips For Answering The Question, “WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY EXPECTATIONS?”

TIP #1Research the going salary for your job and industry before you attend the interview. This is very important because it gives you an idea of how much other people are being paid for the same job. If you visit the website PAYSCALE.COM it will tell you how much the salary range is for your role and industry. This then gives you something to work with when discussing your salary expectations at the interview.

TIP #2  Write down a list of the things you can bring to their company – this is important. The more VALUE YOU CAN ADD to their company, the higher salary you will attract.

Your list could include things such as:

– outstanding work performance in previous companies;

– qualifications or courses you have completed that will help their company grow;

– technical skills and qualities you have that their company is lacking;

– in-depth knowledge of the industry you will be working in;

– previous examples of where you have helped a company increase sales, streamline processes, or save money.

 TIP #3  Write down 2 NUMBERS before you go to the interview. The first number is the actual salary you really want. This will be the highest salary you believe you can get. The second number is the absolute lowest salary you are prepared to work for. If they offer you a salary lower than this, you will turn down the job!


“My salary expectations are $84,000. This salary is based on what I believe I am worth to your company, and the ongoing value I can bring to the team. For $84,000, I will bring a level of experience and knowledge that can be used when solving problems, completing challenging projects, and developing junior members of the company. I also have a good working knowledge of social media. In particular, I can help you promote your products and services to a wider audience on Facebook and Instagram which will increase revenue. I also have several ideas for new services you could offer your exciting customer base which I am excited about. I believe all these things will ensure you see a positive return for my requested salary of $84,000.”

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