What is your superpower?

In this blog, we will explain WHY the interviewer is asking you the question, ‘What Is Your Superpower?’ If you understand WHY the question is being asked, it means you can easily give a brilliant answer that stands out from the competition.

We will then tell you how to structure your answer to the interview question ‘WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER?’ to get the highest scores possible.

 On top of this will then give you 5 example answers in a live job interview to the question ‘What Is Your Superpower?’!

WHY is the interviewer asking you the question, ‘What Is Your Superpower?’

Well, they will ask you this question for two reasons.

 REASON #1. They want to decide which one candidate is going to ADD THE MOST VALUE to their team in the role. If you can give them something interesting that is not on your resume, it means you can think on your feet and show you possess unique qualities and attributes that will benefit their company!

REASON #2. They want to hear you say something that shows you are an achiever, and you are the type of person who is going to make a difference in the role. If you can give them something that shows you are hungry for success, or you have diverse talents, it means they will see a better return on their investment than the average employee!

how to STRUCTURE YOUR ANSWER to the interview question ‘WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER?’

The best way to structure your answer is to say WHAT your SUPERPOWER is, and then explain HOW you will use that superpower in your role to the company’s advantage.


“My superpower is BEING ABLE TO FLY. This means I am not afraid to take calculated risks at work, and I always look for opportunities in the market. For example, during my research, I noticed you aren’t currently active promoting your company on social media. This is an opportunity you could capitalise on because 59% of the worldwide population are active on social media.”


“My superpower is the fact I am STRONG, DETERMINED, AND RESILIENT. This means I enjoy difficult challenges, I never give in, and I can motivate people in a team to do achieve tough goals. For example, if we were to ever experience a downturn in sales due to the economy, I would get together with my team, brainstorm ideas of how we can get sales going again, and then work hard until we reached our objective.”


“My superpower is AGILITY AND FLEXIBILITY. I adapt very well to change, and I will carry out tasks and duties outside of my job description. For example, if you hire me, whenever one of my co-workers is off on holiday or sick, I will gladly take on their duties to help the company.”


“My superpower is SPEED. I am a fast worker, have excellent time management skills, and am good at prioritising tasks. For example, in this role, I would quickly learn all company policies and procedures and then prioritize tasks based on your commercial objectives. I would use a traffic light system to prioritize work and maximise speed. Red tasks would need my urgent attention, amber tasks come second, and green tasks can be done when I have more time available.”


“My superpower is my X-RAY VISION. I am good at analysing information, assessing historical data and then using it to come up with ideas for improvement or growth. So, for example, if I am successful we could use my superpower to analyse the times of day people are visiting your website by using Google Analytics. This would tell you the best time of day to promote your products and services to your customers in order to maximise the return on investment.”

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