Why Do You Want To Be A Prison Officer Interview Question and High-Scoring Answer!

Why do you want to be a prison officer interview question and answer

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A PRISON OFFICER? (PERFECT Prison Officer Interview Questions & Answers!)

The interview question, “Why Do You Want To Be A Prison Officer?” is one that is almost certain to make an appearance during your job interview.

How you answer this common train driver interview question can often be a deciding factor in whether or not you pass your interview.

When answering this tough prison officer interview question, focus on providing an answer that relates to: 

  • the prison service’s priorities; 
  • the varied nature of the role;
  • and how your skills, qualities, and experience MATCH those required to become a prison officer. 

Example answer:

I want to be a prison officer for several reasons. 

Being a prison officer means I will be regularly challenged in the role, and no two days will be the exact same. For me, the variety of the role is something I find very appealing.

One day I could be providing advice to prisoners, carrying out written reports, or dealing with a variety of prisoner requests, whilst also having the responsibility of supervising, managing, and monitoring prisoners’ safely throughout my daily work. 

I have studied the job description in detail and I know as a prison officer I will get to use the transferable skills and experiences I possess, such as my strong communication skills, resourcefulness, teamworking ability, and confidence to really make a positive impact in the role, and that will give me high levels of job satisfaction. 

Finally, I find the responsibility that comes with being a prison officer attractive because I am the type of person who always adheres to rules and procedures, has high standards, and I want to work in a disciplined organisation that strives to always improve and develop.”

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