Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job Interview Question

Interview Question Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job

In this blog and video, we will teach you how to answer the Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job interview question.

This question is extremely common amongst all types of job interview, including admin assistant roles, customer service, public sector and private sector. Follow our special tips, advice and sample answer for achieving the highest scores possible when responding to the reason for leaving job interview question.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job Question Variations

First, the why do you want to leave your job interview question can get asked in a variety of formats. Below, we have provided a list of the different ways this interview question might be presented to you by the panel:

  1. What are the reasons you want to leave your current job?
  2. Why do you want to work for us as opposed to your current employer?
  3. Why did you leave your last job?

Before we provide you with the exact transcript for the above video, including the sample answer to the Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job interview question, here is a great list of main reasons for leaving your job:


  1. You want a new CHALLENGE.
  2. Want to take on further RESPONSIBILITY.
  3. You want to DEVELOP yourself further and feel your current job can’t offer you this.
  4. You want to LEARN new skills.
  5. You want to RELOCATE to a different county area or part of the country.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job Interview Question Video Transcript

Hi there, everybody. My name is Richard McMunn from how2become.com. And in this short presentation, I’m going to teach you how to answer the interview question “Why do you want to leave your current job?”

Now, obviously, this is quite a difficult question to answer, but there’s a couple of really important tips I’m going to give you. And at the end of the presentation, if you just hang around, I will give you an actual really good sample response to this question that you could use if you get asked this kind of question at an interview.

Now, the important thing to state is you should never be critical of your current or a previous employer at a job interview. Also, never be critical of any managers that you’ve had, because it will just come across in a negative light.

Okay, let’s have a look at the first two important tips. First of all, it is not a good idea to state that you are leaving because of differences with a manager or member of the team, or differences with the organization.

You need to keep any personal opinions about staff, etc., and any fallouts that you may or may not have had to yourself, okay? So don’t mention them in your response. It is far better to say that you are looking for new and fresh challenges and you feel that you have achieved all that you can at that particular company.

Because what you’ve got to do when responding to this interview question is put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer. What do you think they want to hear from you? They want to see that you’re a positive person, that you’re not leaving your current job with any grudges or any issues that you’re leaving behind, but you’re starting on a fresh with a new company and you basically want new challenges.

So here’s a really good response to the interview question “Why do you want to leave your current job?” Here it goes.

“Although I enjoy my current job, I am now ready for a new challenge. I have worked hard for my previous employer and they have been really good to me in return. I have learned an awful lot during my time with them, but I am now in a position where I want to embark on new and fresh challenges. I will be leaving my current company with fond memories, but I know the time is right for me to move on. Having looked into your company and the role that I’m applying for, I feel that I have so much to offer in terms of my experience, drive, and enthusiasm, and I know that I would be a valuable asset to the team.”

So that’s a really good, short, punchy, positive response that will get you some really good marks for the interview question “Why do you want to leave your current job?”

So to get more free tips and advice on how to pass any interview or career test, please go to my website, www.how2become.com. Thank you for watching.

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