Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

Hi there, guys. My name is Richard McMunn and in this video presentation, I’m going to teach you how to answer customer service interview questions and answers.

Now, naturally, this interview question is usually asked during interviews where you’re applying for roles within the customer service sector, so it’s required, in your response, to demonstrate to the panel that you understand what good customer service actually is.

So, I’m going to give you some really good tips on how to prepare your response for customer service interview questions and answers, and then I’m going to give you a sample answer to this question which will ensure you get the highest scores possible. So, make sure you’ve got a pen and some paper with you and taking notes of the important hints and tips that I’ll give you. So, let’s quickly take a look at some important tips.


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So, this type of question is designed to see how high your standards are in relation to customer service. Try to think of an occasion when you have witnessed an excellent piece of customer service and show, this is important, show that you learned from it, okay. So, say that, “This is what happened,” and at the end, you can say, “This is what I learned from the great piece of customer service.” Now, if you are very confident in your response, then you may have an occasion when you, yourself, provided the customer service. Whatever response you provide, make sure it is unique and stands out.


Okay, so here are a couple more tips to help you answer the question correctly.

  • Make sure the example you give demonstrates the person who carried out the great customer service actually follows company procedures. And you can say that that is something you learned from watching them, that you saw that they followed company procedures and their training.
  • If a mistake is made, then make sure the person apologizes, okay, because that’s important. That can defuse any kind of conflict.
  • Make sure you explain, in your response, that the person who carried out the customer service uses effective communication skills. And you can talk about listening, about their body posture, you know, they use a calm and relaxed body posture, and it is also non-confrontational.
  • Make sure that they deal with the customer in a timely and promptly manner, okay. So, they need to deal with it quickly.

And also, they need to follow up with the customer where possible, and that might mean that the person had said to the customer, “Please be assured that I will deal with this situation. I will contact you, not as soon as I’ve got any news, but I will give you an update within 24 hours, just to keep you updated on progress on where I am with your complaint or your customer service inquiry.”

Make sure that the person dealing with the issue or the customer service example resolves any issues to the satisfaction of the customer, and they do that at the end by saying, “Can I just check with you, sir or madam, that you are happy with how I’ve dealt with this issue?” because that has a great way of retaining the customer.

Also, explain what you learned from the example, okay. So, make sure you say, at the end of the example you give, “This is what I learned from it.” And that will demonstrate that you fully understand the process of customer service.

Let’s now take a look at a really good sample response to this question.


“Whilst working as a shop assistant in my current role, a member of the public came in to complain to the manager about a pair of football shoes that he had bought for his son’s birthday. Now, when his son came to open the present on the morning of his birthday, he noticed that one of the football boots was a larger size than the other. He was supposed to be playing football with his friends that morning and wanted to wear his new boots. However, due to the shop’s mistake, this was not possible. Naturally, the boy was very upset.

The manager of the shop was excellent in her approach when dealing with this situation. She remained calm throughout and listened to the gentleman very carefully, showing complete empathy for his son’s situation. This immediately defused any potential confrontation. She then told him how sorry she was for the mistake that had happened, and that she would feel exactly the same if it was her own son who it had happened to. She then told the gentleman that she would refund the money in full and give his son a new pair of football boots to the same value as the previous pair. The man was delighted with her offer. Not only that, she then offered to give the man a further discount of 10% on any future purchase due to the added inconvenience that was caused by him having to return to the shop to sort out the problem.

I learned a lot from the way my manager dealt with this situation. She used exceptional communication skills and remained calm throughout. She then went the extra mile to make the gentleman’s journey back to the shop a worthwhile one. The potential for losing the customer was averted by her actions, and I felt sure the man would return to our shop again.”

Now, that’s a very good response to that interview question, “Can you give a good example of customer service?” okay, because it shows that you understand it’s a great example of how somebody dealt with a customer’s complaint, they dealt with it efficiently, timely, they apologized because the shop had made a mistake, and they used effective communication skills. And also, in this case, they went that extra mile to make sure that the customer would come back again.

So, I hope that helped you with the customer service interview questions and answers? However, if you want any more free hints and tips to help you pass any kind of job interview or career-related test, please go now to my website,, or you can just click the link below the video and that will take you straight to my website. And don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel, and I’ll send you a notification as soon as I upload any more free videos. Thank you for watching.

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