10 TIPS for STARTING A NEW JOB! (What to DO and SAY on your FIRST DAY AT WORK!)

First day at work tips

So, to help you get your new job off to a brilliant start, we will teach you the following 3 things in this blog:

#1. We will quickly explain why you must get your first day at work in your new job off to a positive start.

#2. We will then tell you 5 things you should never say or do on your first day at work. Say or do any of these 5 things, and you could struggle moving forward.

#3. We will then give you 10 easy-to-remember tips that are guaranteed to put you across as a confident, productive, and supportive employee on your first day at work.

To begin with, why is it important to get your first day at work in a new job off to a great start?

Well, it is important because everyone in the team will be watching you. They will form an opinion of you within the first few hours of you starting work there. You will be like a magnet on your first day.

People will be intrigued as to who you are, what you look like, how you dress, how you communicate, and how you are going to fit into their team. Whether it’s right or wrong doesn’t matter – your co-workers, and your manager, will be watching you, so it’s important to say and do the right things.

5 things you should NEVER say or do!

#1. Don’t be late!

Whatever you do, do not be late on your first day at work. Punctuality is crucial in all jobs. In fact, if I were starting a new job, I would turn up 15 minutes before my scheduled start time on the first day.

#2. Don’t gossip or talk disrespectfully about anyone, even your former employer.

Also, if you’ve heard anything negative about your new employer, don’t ask your co-workers if it’s true. Instead, show yourself to be a positive and professional person who has integrity! Remember, you don’t know your new team members yet or who you can trust.

#3. Don’t book time off!

Even if you have a holiday planned soon. Booking time off on your first day of work shows you are more interested in not being there. If you do need to book time off, wait until the second week of working there, at the very least.

#4. Do not show off.

Showing off is a sure-fire way to make your new co-workers wary of you. People who show off tend to be insecure, and they need the admiration of others to boost their confidence. If you are great at something, wait until someone asks you about it, or it comes up in conversation. That way, people will have more respect for you.

#5. Don’t be too familiar.

While your work colleagues will be checking you out on your first day to see what you say and do, you should be doing the same to them. Yes, be friendly and approachable, but don’t be too familiar and avoid telling jokes or showcasing what you got up to at the weekend, especially if it involved drinking lots of alcohol!


 TIP #1 – Wear a smart and professional outfit.

An easy way to show your manager and work colleagues that you have high standards is to wear a smart and professional outfit. People, unfortunately, judge others on what they wear, and a smart and presentable outfit will show you to be a confident person who is serious about their work.

TIP #2 – Check your personal hygiene.

This is very important! At work, we often collaborate closely with other people, and if an employee’s personal hygiene is not taken care of, some team members might steer clear!

TIP #3 – Greet everyone you come into contact with in your new job with a smile and a firm handshake while looking them in the eye.

A handshake says a lot about a person’s confidence. If you don’t introduce yourself to your team members, they may think you’re rude. If your handshake is weak, they will think you lack confidence. A confident greeting with a smile, and a firm handshake, will do wonders for a first impression.

TIP #4 – Ask questions and take notes.

A great way to create a first impression on your first day at work is to ask plenty of questions and take notes. You will have so much information to absorb on your first day it can be overwhelming. Information about your role, what your team members do, their names, where the facilities are, and how the business operates will all be things you must learn on your first day. Ask questions if you’re unsure, and take notes of the important things so you can refer to them later!

TIP #5 – On your first day at work, ask your manager the following question… “What is expected of me in the role?

The answer to this question will give you the clarity and information you need to do your work to the expected standard, and, more importantly, contribute to your team’s objectives.

TIP #6 – Organize your desk or working environment.

At some stage during your first day at work, you will be shown where your desk is or the area you will have to work in. Keep your working space tidy and organized. People will judge you based on your tidiness. If your working space is organized and free from rubbish and clutter, people will respect you.

TIP #7 – Get to know your team.

On your first day at work, find out your co-workers names and what their roles are. Again, take notes because this will prevent you from having to keep saying… “What’s your name again, and… “what do you do?”

Once you know your team members’ names and functions, you can decide where you will fit into the team.

TIP #8 – Find out what the company policies and procedures are!

This is an area often neglected by people when they first start work. A company’s policies and procedures are important to learn because they are the rules employees must follow. If you don’t know what the rules are, you are more likely to make mistakes which isn’t a good thing when you first start work. I recommend asking your manager the following question on your first day:

 “What company rules and procedures do I need to learn?”

TIP #9 – Set yourself S.M.A.R.T goals!

A brilliant thing to do on your first day at work is to set yourself SMART goals. SMART goals are:


Write down a list of the goals you must work towards, the tasks you have to complete, and the projects you need to collaborate on and give yourself a definitive amount of time to complete them. Again, taking this type of action on your first day at work will show you to be a productive, organized, and reliable team member.

TIP #10 – Accept any social invitations!

If your co-workers invite you to lunch or a coffee break, accept it. There is a temptation on your first day at work to not take a break because you have so much to learn and absorb. However, it is important to bond with your co-workers, and a great way to do this is in a social-setting!

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