7 Things You Should Know Before Applying For Law School

applying for law school is really tough. In this blog, we'll help you prepare

Applying for Law School is incredibly tough. Now more than ever, Law programmes are fine tuning their selection process, so that only the strongest candidates are successful. With this in mind, we have put our legal heads together, to provide you with a list of ten things that you should know and do, before applying to Law School.

Tip 1: Understand what comes after

University law programmes like to sell the fact that there are fantastic opportunities for graduates following the completion of their course, but the reality is much tougher than this. Law firms are seriously clamping down on the number of contracts, internships and trainees that they take in. Having a law degree certainly not does guarantee great opportunities after, nor high earnings.

Tip 2: The amount of reading involved

If you aren’t someone who likes to read then you might have trouble completing a Law degree. There really is so much reading involved. You’ll need to be prepared for long days and nights spent in the library. The horror stories and rumours that you hear really are true. What, you didn’t think it would be easy did you?

Tip 3: Everyone wants some advice

Oh, you went to Law School? So you wouldn’t mind going through my upcoming divorce case for me? These are words that almost every Law graduate hears at least once upon completion, so you better get ready for it. Once you’ve finished your course, everyone will assume that you are an expert.

Tip 4: The cost of books is astronomical!

Law courses are notorious for the prices of their textbooks. These prices can seem outlandish when compared with the price of books from other courses, but take heart UK students; the price of essential course books here is far cheaper than it is in countries like Australia. This means your bank balance won’t suffer nearly as much when applying for Law School.

applying for law school? Make sure you get ready to start reading

Tip 5: You might start to question your choice

This is extremely common for law students. The courses are hard work, and therefore its normal practice for motivation levels to drop considerably as time goes on. A law degree is the ultimate test of your commitment and dedication to the subject. Mountains of reading, examinations and research all amount to a programme which is designed to separate the elite from those who aren’t. If you are finding it hard, don’t despair, just remember what drove you in applying for law school in the first place.

Tip 6: There’s a serious jump from A Level to University

The top universities only accept top Law students for a reason, and that is because there is a huge increase in difficulty from A Level to University. It’s common practice for even the best A Level students to find themselves at a learning disadvantage when it comes to applying for Law School and sitting the course. Many only achieve grades of 70% or lower; despite getting grades of 95% at A-Level. The course and learning style takes some serious getting used to, so be prepared.

Tip 7: Buy our LNAT guides before applying for Law School!

The Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) is the test used by top universities for admissions purposes. Candidates for these courses will undergo a gruelling assessment process. Here at How2Become, we have prepared a series of guides that are designed to assist and prepare you for this process. If you are looking to join Law School, How To Pass The Law National Admissions Test is the best place to start!

Working as a solicitor is one of many jobs you can get after applying for law school