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Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test: Difficult Spellings

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test Difficult Spellings Introduction The spelling section of the QTS Literacy Skills Test can be incredibly difficult if you do not prepare adequately. Since you do not know what type of spellings will appear, it is important to take the time to learn all of the more difficult conventions which […]

Royal Navy Officer Training: BRNC Structure of Command

In order to become a Royal Navy Officer, you’ll need to pass through the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC). This is a deliberately demanding and difficult process, which will test you to your very limits. However, once you have successfully graduated from the college, you will truly be able to say that you are capable […]

BRNC Dartmouth: The College Fitness Guide

Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth (BRNC), is the official initial training establishment for officers of the British Royal Navy. As a fighting force, every Navy serviceman and woman must be physically and medically fit to carry out their duty in times of war. To be unable to get to a casualty or fire quick enough, […]

11 Plus Maths Practice Questions & Top Tips

The 11 plus assessment is given to pupils in primary school, when children are about to leave the final year (Year 6). They may opt to take the 11 plus if the pupil wishes to attend a Grammar School. This test is given to pupils who want to attend a Grammar Secondary School. Some teachers […]

Electrical Comprehension Tests; How to prepare

WHAT ARE ELECTRICAL COMPREHENSION TESTS? As part of recruitment processes, you may be required to undertake an Electrical Comprehension test. Electrical Comprehension is quite self-explanatory; you will be required to undertake a series of testing questions that assess your electrical understanding. Electrical Comprehension tests are specifically designed to measure your performance in relation to electrical […]

UKCAT Mistake Guide: Top 4 Cardinal Sins

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is designed to help universities make better choices amongst their dental and medical course applicants. It helps to ensure that the candidates chosen for these courses have the right level of professionalism, integrity and aptitude to succeed on the programme, and go on to become a doctor, dentist or […]