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Job Rejection: How to Deal with It – Top 5 Tips

Job Rejection Sucks The feeling of rejection is frankly quite awful. You spend hours writing and refining your application, attending assessment centres, travelling to interviews, and worrying every step of the way – only to be told that your potential employers won’t be continuing with your application any longer. It can be pretty defeating, especially […]

Why you Should Take a Police Officer Course

As you will know, the selection process for becoming a Police Officer in the UK is extremely competitive. Out of the tens of thousands who apply each year, only around 20% of prospective candidates are successful. This blog will explain to you how attending a Police Officer course can massively boost your chances of success, […]

8 Top Tips For Passing Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests have become more frequent in job selection processes. Psychometric tests allow employers to assess candidates based on their skills, knowledge and personality; essential to maintaining a strong workforce. In this blog, I am going to provide 8 top tips for passing psychometric tests. Use these top tips for passing psychometric tests to help […]

KS2 Science SATs Revision – Sample Questions

In the summer term 2016, the new national curriculum was assessed for the first time, with many KS2 pupils undertaking three never-seen-before Science SATs papers: in biology, chemistry, and physics. The newness of these assessments meant that there were simply no past papers that parents could use to help their child with their KS2 Science […]

Passing the QTS Literacy Skills Test: Sample Spelling Questions

Bought our QTS Literacy Skills or Professional Skills Tests for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) workbook? Download the QTS Spelling test audio files by entering your email and name below: Introduction – What is QTS? QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is an award given to those who meet a series of requirements, which includes passing two tests: […]

Civil Service Qualifying Tests – Practice Questions

The UK Civil Service is an influential part of the Government. They aim to implement strategies and policies within society, in order to provide harmony and assist the public. To join the Civil Service as an Administrative, you will need to undergo the Civil Service Qualifying Tests. This blog will provide you with sample questions […]