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Author Archives: Andy Bosworth

Basic Maths Video Blog – FREE Math Help

Easy-to follow and interactive videos to help you improve your basic maths skills. A-Z basic maths videos. Detailed information on different areas of basic maths. Beginner levels. Whether you are in school and want to learn a new basic maths technique, a beginner, or simply brushing up on prior knowledge, this blog is the ONLY […]

E-Tray Exercises for the Civil Service

During the Civil Service Fast Stream application process, you may be invited to participate in E Tray exercises. These are activities which test your ability to handle workload, as well as make quick decisions about what to say and do. Today, we’ll be taking a look at an example exercise so that you can get […]

Introduction to the Police Officer Verbal Reasoning Test

Before you become a police officer in the UK, you’ll need to pass a number of assessments and police aptitude tests. One of these is the police officer verbal reasoning test, which assesses your ability to read a piece of text and make inferences based on the information provided. The verbal reasoning test consists of […]

GCSE Spanish Revision Resources

As with all exams, GCSE Spanish assessments require robust preparation in order to get through them successfully. What’s more, revising for language subjects is arguably more complicated than others, due to the variety of skills that you need to show off. Of course, you will have to respond to writing and speaking in the language, […]

Speed, Distance and Time FAQ – How to Work out Speed Distance Time

Speed, distance and time questions are often used in technical positions whereby a person is required to carry out complicated calculations in a short space of time. In this blog, I am going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to speed, distance and time. I have broken down this blog […]

Key Stage 2 History Curriculum | National Primary Curriculum

The recent government changes to the national curriculum have caused a major shake-up in how children are being taught at primary school. Of course, the subject of history was affected, with a new government guideline being introduced, detailing what topics will be covered. Below, we have broken down this new Key Stage 1 and Key […]

Introduction to the Police Officer Role Play Exercises

On your path to becoming a police officer, one of the biggest challenges you will face is the role play stage of the assessment centre. Unlike standard tests, where you sit down and answer questions based on your knowledge, the police officer role play exercises test your understanding in a verbal environment. However, these are […]