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Navy Ranks

Navy ranks are commissioned, non-commissioned, and designated for women because there are certain positions not open to women in the Navy like other military branches. The pay and duties will differ based on ranking and commission. Commissioned Officers Flag rank officers and commissioned officers are below. Commissioned officers mean they have command posts and are […]

Firefighter Ranks

Fire fighters work in a series of different capacities for the purpose of preventing fires, stopping fires, and saving lives. Firefighters have a duty to serve and protect people and property from fire, but also other dangers. In this career position a person will assist with emergency support, provide education and also advice on fire […]

Understanding the New Train Driver Recruitment Tests

Understanding the New Train Driver Recruitment Tests In this article we will provide you with new details of the train driver tests which came into force in 2013. These tests will be conducted by the majority of UK train operating companies. Attention Test of Everyday Attention for Occupational assessment (TEA-Occ) Attention is crucial for any […]