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Christmas Puzzles for Kids – With Answers!

Christmas Puzzles for Kids Associated with CareerVidz From everyone at and Careervidz, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😊 Download the PDF You can download the PDF of these Christmas Puzzles for kids. Click on the following link to download and print out your very own Christmas […]

Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids

Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids To all you puzzle enthusiasts… welcome to our blog for Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids. This blog will provide you with four puzzles which have been taken from our exciting new puzzle book! Click on the image below to pre-order your copy of Brain Training Puzzles. […]

Strength Based Interview – Interview Strengths

Many of you are familiar with the interview process. What many of you are not so conversant with is a strength based interview. Strength based interviews have become an increasingly popular choice by many employers. Therefore, we think it is a good idea to learn what a strength based interview is, and how to prepare […]

UK Ambulance Blue Lights | Legal Exemptions & Non-Exemptions

While working as an emergency response driver, you’ll regularly be in situations which are potentially hazardous to yourself, the ambulance vehicle, as well as any passengers you have on board. Since response drivers often need to get to their destination faster than ordinary drivers on the road, exemptions in driving laws are sometimes permitted. As […]

Children’s Puzzles Online – Space Activities

Welcome back to another one of my blogs for children’s puzzles online. Some of you may have checked out my other Pirate Puzzle and Activity blog which comprises of 4 sample puzzles. This blog is going to focus on puzzles taken from our Space and Adventure Kids Puzzle Book. Here at How2Become, we think puzzles […]