Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – Competence

Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests
As a graduate, you might be asked to sit a graduate aptitude personality test as part of an application process. Graduate Aptitude Personality tests are fairly common. Therefore, you need to be ready for them. Here, we’ll take a look at the personality test which assesses the quality of ‘competence’.

Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – Competence

When personality tests refer to the term conscientiousness, it often tests a person’s level of competence. Competence is used to describe a person’s capabilities. In other words, it demonstrates what level that person is self-efficient and how well they manage to accomplish set work and other tasks. So, people with high levels of competence believe they have great intellectual skills. Moreover, they believe that they have the drive, ambition and self-control necessary for successfully reaching their goals. Low scorers often misjudge situations and find it difficult to complete tasks to a high standard. Low scores sometimes demonstrate the inability to take control. So, they are depicted as people who do not have control of their lives, and therefore are uncertain about what to do. People with low competence feel ineffective. Therefore, they believe they make no contribution or effort to the job at hand and therefore lack motivation and self-esteem. Let’s take a look at a few sample competence-focused personality test questions. You will likely face at least some of these questions. So, make sure that you read them and think carefully about what your answer is.

Sample Competence Personality Test Questions – Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests

1. I consider myself an intellectual person. 2. I rarely misjudge a situation. 3. I tend to take my time on set tasks. (Reversed) 4. I have confidence with the tasks that I am set. 5. I always feel confident. 6. I complete my work to the highest standard. 7. I would describe myself as extremely self-efficient. 8. I like to get things done as quickly as possible. 9. I often struggle with completing my work to a high standard. (Reversed) 10. Seldom, I have to ask for help with my work. Now that you have a good idea of what you’ll face in a Graduate Aptitude Personality Test, it’s time to level up your preparation. So, to get more guidance on passing your next graduate job application process, check out our Graduate Aptitude Tests Online Course. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need, and get plenty of practice, to ace your next graduate application. The course also contains plenty of graduate aptitude personality test content, giving you the edge in your next application. Click here to find out more: How to Pass Graduate Aptitude Tests.

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