Post-Brexit Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019 Preparation – Make Yourself Brexit-Proof for 2019!

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

If one thing’s certain, it’s that the future of UK business is uncertain. With Brexit looming, big changes could come to almost every single industry in the UK. So, as a graduate, it’s important to get plenty of graduate aptitude tests 2019 preparation. Therefore, we’ll take a quick look at what Graduate Aptitude Tests are, and how to prepare for your Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019.

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019 – What Are Graduate Aptitude Tests?

Graduate Aptitude Tests are a collection of assessments used by graduate employers across the UK. Most jobs that are advertised as ‘graduate’ roles will involve some kind of testing process. These roles are specifically for university graduates. In some cases, these tests will be role-specific and catered to the job that you have applied for. However, Graduate Aptitude Tests are mostly general in scope, instead testing a range of general skills that are required to perform the role effectively. So, These tests include:

  • Numerical Reasoning – You will be tested on your ability to work with numbers and solve mathematical problems, usually to around a GCSE-level of understanding;
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – You will be assessed on your ability to identify and understand patterns when examining images and shapes;
  • Inductive Reasoning – You will be tested on your ability to absorb information and reason your way to the correct answer;
  • Verbal Reasoning – You will be tested on your ability to comprehend language and identify key information from passages of text;
  • Situational Judgement – You will be assessed on how you behave in specific situations;
  • Personality – Your personality is assessed, and whether or not you would be a good fit for the organisation and role that you’ve applied for;
  • Critical Thinking – This type of test assesses how well you can interpret, deduce, and evaluate arguments;
  • Mechanical Reasoning – These tests measure your ability to understand mechanics and mechanical concepts.

During your application, will face any combination of these tests. In some cases, you will encounter every single one of them! If this is the case, don’t panic. Make use of all of the tests in this course. Then, you’ll be on your way to better performance and results.

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Tips For Passing Graduate Aptitude Tests – Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Here are some tips for passing Graduate Aptitude Tests in 2019:

Focus on Key Details – Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Students tend to read a question briefly, then jump straight into their answer without thinking about what’s really being asked. For questions which are worth lots of marks, you should take extra care in reading the question fully. If it helps, underline the key parts of the question, so that it’s easier to break down.

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Double Check the Question – Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Before even attempting a question, make sure that you read it properly so that you understand what you have to do. The worst feeling in an exam is realising that you’ve worked so hard on a question, only to have misread the question itself and answered it incorrectly!

Don’t Hedge Your Bets – Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Hedging your bets happens when a student tries to give 2 or more answers to a single question, trying to cover as many bases as possible and be less likely to lose marks. After all, if you give lots of different answers, surely one of them is bound to be correct? The problem with this is that examiners will mark harshly against answers like these.

Graduate Aptitude Tests 2019

Interested in preparing for 2019 Graduate Aptitude Assessments? Check out our online course: How to Pass Graduate Aptitude Tests.

Graduate Aptitude Tests