How to Pass the Police Recruitment Presentation

UK police forces are now starting to introduce a new element to the selection process – a presentation.

This presentation is carried out by candidates at the interview stage and lasts for 10 minutes. Watch the video and read more below for a full overview of the new police recruitment presentation (you can download a free PDF guide and presentation at the bottom of this page).

What is the police recruitment presentation?

  • Some constabularies now want applicants to deliver a short presentation
  • The presentation is to be delivered during the interview stage to the interview panel
  • The way you deliver the presentation is completely your choice, but you cannot use laptops, projectors etc.
  • Why are presentations being used?

  • Presentations are being used to provide candidates an opportunity to sell themselves to the interview panel
  • Police services are committed to recruiting those who share a strong passion for public service and support the core competencies/values
  • The main aim of the presentation is for candidates to demonstrate they will add value to the police service they are applying to
  • What must I cover?

    There are three aspects you must cover during your presentation:

  • Why you’ll make a fantastic police officer
  • Why you want to join that particular police service’s team
  • Convince the interview panel that you have the correct attitude, behaviors, motivation and values to become a police officer in that constabulary
  • How long do I have?

  • Candidates get 10 minutes to present
  • There will be up to 10 minutes of questions & answers after your presentation
  • It is likely the interview panel will probe points you make, so be well prepared!

    Key points

  • You must demonstrate your motivation
  • Demonstrate you have a good understanding of the police service’s values (use the core competencies)
  • There will be no extra time on the day to prepare for the presentation
  • You may bring notes or printed handouts but no laptops, projectors etc. can be used
  • There will be a maximum of two people on the interview panel
  • Download the free Police Recruitment Presentation PDF Guide (6.4mb).

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