ASDA Interview Preparation – Tips and Tricks

After having navigated the online application form and assessment centre, the final stage of the ASDA recruitment process will be an interview with a store manager. While this interview is quite informal, it is important to prepare thoroughly! So, read on for our tips on ASDA interview preparation, as well as a brief summary of the earlier stages of the recruitment process.

ASDA interview preparation

The ASDA Recruitment Process

So, in order to get hired by ASDA, you will have to pass the number of varied tasks which make up the selection process. Firstly, you will have to successfully navigate an online application form. This consists of a personality test as well as two aptitude tests – a verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessment. This may sound daunting, but ASDA are looking for good communicators – prove you fit this mould and you will be fine.

If this online application goes to plan, you will be invited to an assessment centre – the ‘ASDA Magic’. This assessment centre is made up of several different exercises, including presentations and group activities. Your day will then finish with a tour of a shop floor. During this time, you can talk with employees and get a sense of what working with ASDA would actually be like. Throughout the day, ASDA recruiters will be watching for one main thing – how well you get on with others. This is what you should focus on for the duration.

ASDA Interview Preparation

The next and final stage of the ASDA selection process is the one-on-one interview. This will be with a store manager, who will use the opportunity to get to know you. You will be asked why you want to work at ASDA, as well as what you can bring to the role. During the interview, you should convey your compatibility with three main ‘beliefs’ that ASDA employees work according to. These beliefs are to do with:

  • Customer service;
  • Individual respect;
  • Striving for excellence.

So, your responses in an interview situation should show that these three aspects are important to you. Let’s look at how you can do this, and improve your interview skills in general.

Of course, in an interview, you should mention your previous experience and explain how it will help you in your new role. The easiest and most thorough way to do this is by using the STAR method, which should make up a key part of your ASDA interview preparation. The STAR method consists of the following:

S – Situation.
T – Task.
A – Action.
R – Result.

The STAR Method – An example

So, if you are prompted with: “Give me an example of a time when you provided good customer service”, you should break down your answer using the STAR method like so:

S – Describe clearly and concisely the situation surrounding the instance of good customer service. Provide the context. For example, you might have been working at a shoe shop, tasked with dealing with an unhappy customer. At this point, you might mention the nature of your role in the shoe shop, and what your day-to-day tasks were.

T – The next step is to go into details about the specifics of the situation. So, let’s say that this unhappy customer was not able to get the shoes he wanted in the right colour, after asking you if the shop had them in stock. When you told him that they were not, he became angry and demanded that you check again. You agreed, but again returned to him empty-handed. At this point, the customer’s emotions shifted. He became less angry and more upset.

A – Now, you must clearly explain how the specific action you took solved the problem to a satisfactory standard. Perhaps you apologised profusely to the customer, and promised to make sure he would get his shoes. You offered to order the shoes to the man’s home address, and waive the delivery charge due to the inconvenience. (You had checked with your manager beforehand.) You told the man that you hoped this would be acceptable.

R – Of course, now talk the interviewer through the successful result! Let’s say the man was delighted with this solution, and happily paid for the shoes in-store – he realised the couple of days’ wait for a (free) delivery was worth it to get what he wanted. He apologised for his angry behaviour; he really wanted the shoes but should not have lost his temper. He then left, satisfied. You were happy to have resolved the situation, and your manager was happy you made a sale in difficult circumstances.

In conclusion…

As you can see, the STAR method is an effective way to put forward examples of relevant experience. So, as part of your ASDA interview preparation, you should draw up your own situations using the STAR method. Plan this way for prompts such as: “Provide an example of when you have worked effectively within a team”, or “Tell me how you make sure that people are always treated fairly at work.” Do this, and you will have an effective blueprint for your interview answers.

However, due to the value that ASDA recruiters place on inter-personal skills and friendly personalities, make sure that such preparation does not render you robotic or overly formulaic. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and show some personality – they want to get to know the real you! Trust your instincts and follow the basic etiquette of interviewing, and you’ll be fine. Good luck with your ASDA interview preparation!

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