Pass the Police Selection Process – Top 5 Tips

Pass the Police Selection Process

The following 5 insider tips have been carefully put together to help you pass the police selection process. Therefore, it is important that you follow them carefully. Whilst some of them will appear obvious, they are still important tips which you need to follow.

INSIDER TIP 1 – BE FULLY PREPARED AND FOCUSED – Pass the Police Selection Process

When you are applying for any career it is of vital importance that you prepare yourself fully for every stage of the selection process. What I mean is that you do everything you can to find out what is required of you. For example, most people do not read the guidance notes that accompany the application form. Then, they wonder why they fail that particular section.

Make sure you read every bit of information you receive at least twice and understand what is required in order to pass. Things in life do not come easy and you must be prepared to work hard. Go out of your way to prepare. For example, get a friend or relative to act out a role play scenario and see how you deal with it. When completing the application form, allocate plenty of time to do it neatly, concisely, and correctly. Don’t leave it until the night before the closing date to fill out the form. If you do this, you will be setting yourself out to fail.

Pass the Police Selection Process

Break Down Your Preparation

Break down your preparation into the following 4 key areas:

1 – Learn about the role of a police officer.
2 – Learn and understand the core competencies.
3 – Prepare to apply the core competencies to every stage of the selection process.
4 – Improve your physical fitness.

In addition to your preparation strategy, it is also very important to believe in your own abilities. Take advantage of the potential that’s within you. If you work hard, then you will be rewarded!

Whenever you come up against hurdles or difficult situations and experiences, always try to look for the opportunity to improve yourself. For example, if you have applied for the police previously and failed, what have you done to improve your chances of success the second time around? Did you find out what areas you failed on and have you done anything to improve?

Pass the Police Selection Process


Equality and fairness are crucial in today’s society. We must treat each other with respect and dignity. We must also understand that people come from different backgrounds and cultures to our own.Treat people how you expect to be treated – with dignity and respect. If you do not believe in equality, fairness and dignity, then you are applying for the wrong job. Police officers are role models within society and people will look to you to set an example.

Equality and Fairness Example

For example, you wouldn’t expect to see a police officer bullying or shouting at a member of the public in an aggressive manner would you? As a police officer you will only use force in exceptional circumstances. You will be required to use your interpersonal skills to diffuse situations and you will need to treat people fairly and equally at all times.

INSIDER TIP 3 – BE PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FIT – Pass the Police Selection Process

Being prepared, both physically and mentally, is important if you are to succeed in your application to become a police officer. Even if you only have a few weeks to prepare, there are lots of ways in which you can improve your chances of success.

Many people who successfully pass the selection process are physically fit. Being physically fit has plenty of advantages in addition to simply improving your health. For example, raised self-esteem and confidence in your appearance are also benefits to keeping fit. A person with good health and fitness generally shines when it comes to how they look, how they treat others, and how they go about their day-to-day activities.

Fitness of Mind

In addition to the above, the benefits of ‘fitness of mind’ are equally as important when tackling the selection process. When applying to join the police you will be learning new skills and developing old ones. The fitter your mind, the easier this will be. If you are fit, both physically and mentally, then you will be able to prepare for longer. You will find that your stamina levels will increase and therefore your ability to practise and prepare will increase too.

If you prepare yourself fully for the selection process then you will feel more confident on the day, when you are under pressure. Make sure you also get plenty of sleep in the build-up to selection and ensure you eat a healthy balanced diet.

Many of us underestimate the importance of a healthy diet. The saying ‘we are what we eat’ makes a lot of sense. If you just spend a week or two eating and drinking the right things you will begin to look and feel healthier. Avoid junk food, alcohol and cigarettes during your preparation and your concentration levels will increase greatly. You will get the most out of the work you put in. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed!

Pass the Police Selection Process


This is important for a number of reasons. To begin with, you may be asked a question on the application form that relates to your knowledge of the role of a police officer and also why you want to join that particular constabulary. As you can appreciate, many candidates will apply for a number of different constabularies all at once in an attempt to secure a job as a police officer. The Police Service you are applying to join wants to know what exactly attracts you to them. In order to be able to provide a good response to this type of question, you will need to carry out some research.

The second reason is that some Police Services are now holding ‘final interviews’, which are in addition to the standard competency based assessment centre interview. During this interview it is guaranteed that you will be asked questions relating to your knowledge of the service.

Police Service Websites and Other Resources

Most Police Services have a website. Visit their website and find out what they are doing in terms of community policing. Remember that the job of a police officer is not just about catching criminals. It is about delivering the best possible service to the public and responding to their needs. Understand what the police in your area are trying to achieve. This will demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and an understanding of what your job will involve if you are successful.

If you can tell the interview panel about the policing area, current crime trends and statistics, community policing issues and even diversity recruitment, then you will be displaying a far greater knowledge of their constabulary and also showing them that you have made the effort!

If you were interviewing a candidate for employment in your Police Service, what would you expect them to know about your organisation? You probably expect them to know a great deal of information. Learn as much information as possible about the service you are applying to join and be extremely thorough in your preparation.


The police officer core competencies form the fundamental requirements of the role. They identify how you should perform and they are key to the role of a police officer. Read them carefully and make sure you understand them. They are crucial to your success! Throughout the selection process you should concentrate on the core competencies. You must constantly try to demonstrate them at every stage.

Apply the Core Competencies to the Application Form

When completing the application form your answers should be based around the core competencies. The same rule applies to the written tests, the interview, and also the role play exercises. The most effective way to achieve this is to use ‘keywords and phrases’ in your responses to the application form and interview questions. You can also adopt this method when tackling the role plays and the written tests. Using keywords and phrases that correspond to the core competencies will gain you higher scores. The first step is for you to learn the core competencies.

Make sure you have a copy of the competencies next to you when completing the application form and whilst preparing for the assessment centre. This is the most important tip we can provide you with – Do not ignore it!

Conclusion – Pass the Police Selection Process

With these 5 top tips at your disposal, you’re well on your way to improving your chances of passing the police selection process. For more top tips, advice, and preparation materials, check out our guide: How to Become a Police Officer.

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