Police Behavioural Questionnaire – Explanation and Sample Questions

The Police Behavioural Questionnaire is used in an early stage of many Police recruitment processes to allow recruiters to get a sense of the applicants’ general strengths and potential weaknesses. It does this by providing a way recruiters can compare candidates’ attributes to those required by the core competencies of a Police Officer. These competencies include: communication, teamwork, community skills, problem solving, and respect for diversity. Depending on where you apply, the number of questions you will have to answer will vary. Also, different Police Services will put you through the test at different points in the selection process.

How is the Police Behavioural Questionnaire presented?

The Police Behavioural Questionnaire achieves this aim by presenting a series of statements about work-related behaviour. The applicant is then asked to decide the extent to which they agree with these statements. You will be given the options: ‘Completely Disagree’ through to ‘Completely Agree’.

For example, questions could include things like “I always follow through on commitments I have made’, ‘I always put maximum effort into tasks I am set’. As you can see, the statements are fairly simplistic, and usually you can tell what recruiters would want to hear. But, it is very important that you answer these questions honestly, in order to impart an accurate representation of yourself. This is not only important for recruiters, who will of course ascertain your suitability sooner or later, but for yourself. The questions will allow you to consider whether you are right for a role with the Police, and whether you really want it.

For example, if you find yourself answering against your instincts with these types of questions, you might be found out later in the selection process. The Police Behavioural Questionnaire is not designed to catch people out; the Police want candidates who truly believe that they are right for the role.

Below you will find a sample Police Behavioural Questionnaire, which does not have ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ answers. Use the table to decide how much you agree with each statement. Then go through your responses and get a sense of how they might go down with recruiters!

Sample Police Behavioural Questionnaire

Sample Police Behavioural Questionnaire

As mentioned before, there are no right or wrong answers to the test. Recruiting officers will take your responses into account amongst a range of other factors, such as your application form and interview performance. They will then make a subjective decision about whether to advance you to the next stage of the selection process.

For more information on the Police Officer selection process, visit our dedicated web page.

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