Royal Navy Interview 2018 – Sample Interview Questions and Answers

The application for the Royal Navy in 2018 and 2019 is as follows:

1. Initial Interview.
2. Royal Navy Recruiting Test (RT), which consists of a Reasoning Test, Verbal Ability Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, and Mechanical Comprehension Test.
3. Royal Navy Selection Interview.
4. Royal Navy Medical and Eye Test.
5. Royal Navy Fitness Test.
6. Final Interview.

As you can see, there are three interviews in the Royal Navy selection process. This means that, if you want a shot at joining the Royal Navy, you need to have the skills to nail these interviews. Here, we’re going to take a look at some sample questions and answers so that you can get thinking about how you will answer questions during your Royal Navy Interviews!

Sample Interview Question 1 – Royal Navy Interview 2018

Why do you want to join the Royal Navy?

‘I have been working towards my goal of joining the Royal Navy for a number of years now. A couple of years ago a careers advisor visited our school to talk about the Navy. After his presentation I went up to him and asked a few questions about the different career options that were available. Since that day I have set my sights on joining this organisation and I have been working hard to improve myself. To be honest, I want a career that will give me direction, professional training and the chance to work with people who set themselves very high standards. I have spoken to a friend who already works in the Navy as a steward and he fully recommends it.

I’ve looked at the different career options outside of the Royal Navy and nothing matches up to the challenge or the sense of pride I would feel by joining a team like this. I play rugby at my school and being part of a winning team is something that I very much enjoy. Even though I am quite capable of working on my own I much prefer to work in a team where everyone is working towards the same goal.

Finally, even though I have a good stable home life I can’t wait to leave home and see what’s out there. Even though travelling isn’t the be all and end all I am looking forward to visiting different country’s and cultures. Many of my friends have never been out of their home town but that’s not for me. I want to broaden my skills and get some decent training in the process and I believe that I would be a great asset to the Royal Navy.’

Sample Interview Question 2 – Royal Navy Interview 2018

Why have you chosen the Royal Navy over the Army or the Royal Air Force?

‘I did consider the other forces and even had a chat with each of the careers advisors but at the end I was still set on the Royal Navy. I even sat down with my parents and we wrote down the benefits of each of the different services and the Royal Navy came out on top in all aspects. I have always had a keen passion to work on aircraft and I also would like to travel at the same time. The Fleet Air Arm is my first choice because I would get to work on board ship in addition to working on aircraft. During my research I visited the Fleet Air Arm museum at HMS Heron and I was fascinated at the history and the aircraft that have formed part of the service over the years.

I have thought long and hard about my choice of career and I am fully aware of the training that I will undergo if I am successful. I‘ve been working hard to pass the selection process and am 100% certain that the Royal Navy is for me. If I am unsuccessful at this attempt then I will look at what I need to improve on and work hard for next time.’

Sample Interview Question 3 – Royal Navy Interview 2018

What does your family think of you wanting to join the Royal Navy?

‘Before I made my application I discussed my choice of career with both my parents and my girlfriend. Initially they were apprehensive but they could see how motivated and excited I was as I explained everything I had learnt so far about the service. I showed them the recruitment literature and we even planned a trip to the Fleet Air Arm museum so they could see what I would be joining. I understand that it is important they support me during my application and I now have their full backing. In fact, they are now more excited about the fact I’ll be leaving home than I am! I have also told them everything I know about the training I will go through and the conditions I will serve under. They are aware that the Royal Navy has a brilliant reputation and this has helped them to further understand why I want to join. We also spent time on the Royal Navy website at the section that is for parents and they can see fully the benefits that this career will have for me. They are also looking forward to hopefully seeing me at my passing out parade if I am successful and, therefore, I have their full backing.’

Royal Navy Interview 2018 Tips

Practice a ‘mock’ interview. Basically this entails asking a friend or relative to interview you under formal conditions. Get them to ask you all of the interview questions that are contained within this guide and try answering them.

Prepare your responses prior to the interview. This does not mean learning the answers to the interview questions ‘parrot fashion’, but instead having a good idea of how you intend to respond to them.

Concentrate on your interview technique. Sit up right in the interview chair, do not slouch, speak clearly and concisely and address the panel in an appropriate way such as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’.

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