Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question & High-Scoring Example Answer!

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question and Example Answer

Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question Example Answer

The interview question, “Tell Me About Yourself” is certain to come up during your interview as the first question.

How you answer this common interview question can help you get your interview off to a flying start, improve your confidence, and leave a great first impression on the hiring manager.

In your answer, you must talk about the following five things:

#1. The STRENGTHS you have that will help you to succeed in this role.

#2. The type of ENVIRONMENT you like to WORK in!

#3. Give one example of something of significance you have previously ACHIEVED.


#5. WHAT YOU WILL DO in the role, if they hire you!


Thank you for giving me this opportunity today. I would describe myself as self-motivated, diligent, disciplined, and someone who enjoys working with others to achieve challenging tasks and projects.

Over the years, I have worked in various roles that have given me numerous transferable skills and qualities that are a match for this job description. I enjoy working in the type of environment where everyone is positive about change, where everyone is seeking to move forward, and where people take responsibility for their own development. 

I have a solid track record of achievement. For example, in my last role I worked as part of a team that managed to help the company increase sales for the year. We did this by providing outstanding service, by seeking ways to promote the company products, and by being supportive of our manager in the delivery of his objectives.

Outside of work I keep myself fit and active by visiting the gym several times a week. I relax by reading books and listening to podcasts that I have an interest in, and I also like to spend time with my family.

Whilst I understand you are interviewing lots of people for this position, if you hire me I will always be upbeat and positive, I will work hard to help you better your competitors, and I will always commit to improving and developing in the role.

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