The Train Driver Numerical Visual Comparison Test (NVC)


The Train Driver Numerical Visual Comparison Test is an online assessment whereby you will be given four pairs of digits, or a mixture of letters and numbers. Your job is to find the pair that does not match.

Below we have provided you with an example question:

loov9 loov9
ee039 ee093
eeo3r eeo3r
vmfk3 vmfk3


In the above example, the second row is highlighted. This is because the ‘3’ and the ‘9’ are in different places in both rows. In every other row, the letters/numbers match exactly. This makes the second row the odd one out, and therefore this is the row that needs to be selected.


In this test, you will be given 5 minutes to answer 150 questions. This might seem unfair, but the test is designed so that you are unable to finish it. To be clear, you are NOT going to finish this test. You will be marked on your ability to produce accurate results as fast as possible. This means that you should be aiming to get as many questions correct as you can. Getting 100% on 75 questions completed, is much better than only getting 50% on 150 questions completed. Candidates who get as many as 10% questions wrong can be rejected from the process.

What does the test measure?

The NVC is used to measure potential train driver and conductors ability to compare information, and to find errors amongst that information. Train drivers are required to react extremely fast to spot potential dangers on the track, and this test is a great way of measuring this quality. The NVC also tests:

  • Attention to detail
  • Concentration ability
  • Time management skills

Sample Data Sheet

We have provided you with a sample data sheet, which will enable you to test yourself. Try to complete as many questions as possible in 5 minutes. Following the example test, we’ve also provided you with the answers.

sample data sheet


How to prepare?

Your performance in a Visual Comparison Test can be bettered through practice! Getting to grips with the format of the test, and gaining an insight of the typical questions that you are likely to face can only work to your advantage. As with any psychometric test, it is important to maximise your skills and knowledge prior to your assessment, to ensure the best result.

We have something very similar that may help you prepare. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with hundreds of sample questions, similar to those that you will find in the NVC. Our insightful preparation guide will help you to grasp the style of the test, understand what is expected and give you all of the preparation tools needed to complete the test. Whether your test contains only numbers, or alpha and numerical digits, our Numerical Concentration Test Guide will guarantee that you increase your chances of success!

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