11 pro words for job interviews!

In this guide, we will give you 11 PROFESSIONAL WORDS to use in a job interview in 2023.

If you use these words during your interview, your chances of success will increase significantly! Therefore, if you have an interview coming up soon for any role or company, stay tuned because I promise to help you be the standout candidate!

The first PROFESSIONAL WORD to use in a job interview is DEDICATED

Dedicated people are loyal, trustworthy, and devoted to a task or specific purpose. During your interview, say the following sentence to impress the hiring manager:

“I would describe myself as a DEDICATED employee who will support my co-workers, act as a good role model for the company, and be committed to lifelong learning and self-development.”

The second PROFESSIONAL WORD to always use in your job interview is SELF-RELIANT

Self-reliant employees don’t need much guidance, and they can be left to get on with their work safely in the knowledge that it will be completed on time.

Self-reliant employees are a hiring manager’s dream because they take up less management time, and they are generally positive people who take pride in their work.

Give the following answer in response to the interview question, WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU to impress the hiring manager:

“You should hire me because I am SELF-RELIANT which means you won’t have to spend your valuable time closely supervising or monitoring me, and you can rest assured everything will be done on time and to the expected standard.”

The third PROFESSIONAL WORD to use in your job interview is LOYAL

Top of the list of a hiring manager’s requirements are trustworthiness and LOYALTY. If you are the type of employee who can be trusted to do a good job, speak positively about the company when dealing with customers, and you want to stay working there for them long-term, you are far more likely to get hired!

The fourth PROFESSIONAL WORD I recommend using during your job interview is KNOWLEDGEABLE

Employers want to hire people who already have the knowledge and expertise needed to do the job advertised.

If you have no knowledge about the industry or role you are applying for, you probably won’t get hired. Therefore, when the hiring manager says to you, WHY DO YOU WANT THIS JOB?, respond with the following answer:

“I want this job because my skills, experience and qualifications are suited to the position. I am KNOWLEDGEABLE in this industry which means I can instantly add value to your team in the role.”

The fifth PROFESSIONAL WORD I recommend using during your job interview, especially when describing yourself is DATA-DRIVEN

DATA-DRIVEN is a great word to use in interviews. The best problem-solvers are people who analyze data and facts to produce a solution that is in the best interests of the company.

The sixth PROFESSIONAL WORD I strongly recommend using in your job interview is COLLABORATIVE

Collaborative means you work very closely with people to achieve a common objective. Collaborative is a better word to use than teamwork. Teamwork is one of the most overused words in interviews. But, if you use the word collaborative, it shows you are thinking on the same level as the hiring manager. When the interviewer says to you, WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH?, say this:

“My greatest strength is the fact I am a COLLABORATIVE worker who puts the needs of my team first, supports my co-workers, and puts a plan of action in place to get everything finished quickly so we can then move on to the next task or project.”

The seventh PROFESSIONAL WORD you can use in your job interview to impress the hiring manager is GOAL-ORIENTED

Goal-orientated individuals get more work done than the average person, they are highly organized in their duties, and they achieve everything to high standards. 

During your interview, when describing yourself, say the following:

“I would describe myself as a GOAL-ORIENTATED person who always has positive things to work towards. Whether it’s increasing company sales, improving service standards, or developing myself professionally, I like to have multiple goals to work towards because I am then moving forward in my work and career.”

The eighth PROFESSIONAL WORD you should be using in your job interview is COMMITTED

If you show the hiring manager you are COMMITTED to their organization for the long-term, your chances of getting hired will greatly increase.

Before you attend your interview, research their company, and when answering the question, WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR US?, say this…

“I want to work for you because you are a forward-thinking, innovative and caring organization who wants to continually improve and deliver the best service possible for your customers. My research tells me you will be a fantastic organization to work for, and I will be one hundred percent COMMITTED to you for the long-term if you hire me.”

The ninth PROFESSIONAL WORD I recommend using in your job interview is REFLECTIVE

Reflective employees analyze their performance, and they look for ways to learn from mistakes and improve on their weaknesses. When the hiring manager asks you the question, WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST WEAKNESS?, say this:

“My biggest weakness is the fact I find it hard letting go of projects. However, because of my REFLECTIVE nature, I am aware of this weakness, and I am taking positive steps to force myself to let go of projects once they have been completed and then quickly move on to the next one.”

The tenth PROFESSIONAL WORD I recommend using in your job interview is DYNAMIC

People who are dynamic have a positive attitude, they are full of energy, and they bring new and fresh ideas to the company. When introducing yourself at the start of your interview, tell the hiring manager you are DYNAMIC, and it will be your intention in the role to help them grow and become the market leader. 

The eleventh PROFESSIONAL WORD you can use in your interview to help you pass is, OPPORTUNITY

The word OPPORTUNITY is such a great one to use because it tells the hiring manager you see the position as a chance for you to make a positive difference with the time you spend at work.

At the very start of your interview, when answering the question, TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF, start your response with this sentence:

“First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed for this position with your company today.”

Then, at the end of your interview, when they say to you, THAT’S THE END OF YOUR INTERVIEW, IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD?, say this:

“I just want to say that if you hire me, I will grab this OPPORTUNITY with both hands and make sure I add value in the position. I will always be positive and enthusiastic when going about my duties, be a supportive co-worker, and ensure you see a positive return on your investment.”

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