University Stuff Checklist – What to Take to Uni With You

Figuring out what to bring to university can be tricky. So, we’ve compiled a university stuff checklist to make things easier. This university stuff checklist is divided into the following sections:
  1. Vital documents – these are things you must bring with you, such as your admissions letter, identification, and bank details. Bringing these with you means that you’re more self-sufficient at university.
  2. Clothing – aside from your usual outfits, here are some articles of clothing that you might not have thought to bring with you to university.
  3. Kitchen equipment – if you’re living in self-catered accommodation, here are some useful items that will make cooking a lot easier (and even fun!).
  4. Academic supplies – extra pieces of kit which will make academic life tidier and easier.
  5. Miscellany – other useful items that don’t fit into any of the above categories!

Vital Documents – University Stuff Checklist

The following are items and documents that you must bring with you to university:
  1. Bank card and bank details – you’re going to need money to survive at university, so make sure you bring everything you need to use your bank. If you haven’t already, it might be worth setting up online or mobile banking so that you can keep track of your funds more easily.
  2. Identification – you’ll absolutely need some form of I.D. if you intend on going out to pubs and clubs. Likewise, you’ll need it to buy alcohol in supermarkets. Rather than taking your valuable passport out with you, get hold of a provisional or fully-fledged driving license. Losing a provisional driving license is far less of a pain than losing your passport. Even if you aren’t planning on going drinking, you never know when your I.D. will be needed. Keep it on you when you’re heading out somewhere, just in case.
  3. University, accommodation, and student finance documents – you might not need these depending on your situation, but there may be circumstances where you’ll need to refer to these documents. Keeping them with you at university will make your life much easier.

Clothing – University Stuff Checklist

Outside of your usual outfits, here are some pieces of clothing that are useful at university:
  1. Jumpers and sweatshirts – university accommodation has a reputation for being rather cold. Whether you’re in halls or your own rented accommodation, you should prepare for temperatures to be too low for just a t-shirt. Jumpers, sweatshirts, and even long-sleeved t shirts can keep you from freezing while indoors.
  2. Winter gear – a lot of the academic year takes place during autumn and winter, which means that you’ll likely have to face the cold a lot when travelling to and from lectures. Hats, scarves, and gloves might be necessary!
  3. Flip-flops or sandals – if you’re living in accommodation with shared bathrooms, then you might want to bring some cheap flip-flops, sandals, or any other slip-on shoes that you aren’t worried about ruining. Sometimes, bathroom floors can get pretty disgusting and water-logged. So, head in with something that will keep your bare feet off the floor!
  4. Comfortable clothes – there’s a stereotype which suggests that students never change out of their pyjamas. Who can blame students for staying in comfortable clothes, though? Loungewear, pyjamas, and joggers are great for when you’re hanging around in halls or your house. Slippers are also a nice touch!
  5. Formal wear – depending on your university, there might be a lot of formal events to attend. In these cases, you’ll need formal clothes.
  6. Fancy dress gear – fancy dress events are a staple of Freshers’ Week, particularly night-time and society introductory events. Try and find out the schedule for Freshers’ Week and bring suitable attire!

Kitchen Equipment – University Stuff Checklist

If you’re living in self-catered accommodation, you’ll need to cook for yourself. University accommodation tends to include essential appliances such as kettles and microwaves, but you’ll probably need to bring your own utensils. Here are some essentials!
  1. Bowls, plates, and cutlery – universities usually don’t supply these, so bring at least a couple of each!
  2. Saucepans and a wok – these multi-purpose tools are vital for all sorts of meals, from pasta to stir-fry.
  3. Baking tray – while you can often place food straight into an oven, some kind of baking tray is generally preferable.
  4. Tupperware boxes – perfect for storing your lunch in when you go for a long session at the library.
  5. Oven gloves – this is something that a lot of students forget!
  6. Tea towels – essential for washing and drying your kitchen utensils (most halls don’t have dishwashers).

Academic Supplies – University Stuff Checklist

One of the main reasons why you’re at university is to earn your degree. Here are some academic essentials which will spare you a headache while studying!
  1. Folders and binders – even though a lot of university work has moved to digital platforms, you’ll still be given physical handouts from time to time. Colour-coded folders will help you keep everything separate and easy to find.
  2. Laptop, tablet, or smartphone – while it’s not essential to own one yourself, having one of these devices will make research much easier than having to use the library’s computers.
  3. Sticky notes – these are incredibly useful during the exam period because you can stick all of your notes and ideas around your room. They’re also handy for reminders!
  4. Highlighter pens – this is a great way for visual learners to make their notes easier to remember.
  5. Calendar – while most computers and smart devices have built-in calendars, having a physical one means you can hang it up somewhere in your room in clear view. You can then use it to keep track of all of your commitments and deadlines more easily.

Miscellany – University Stuff Checklist

Finally, we have the miscellaneous items that don’t quite fit into another category. Nevertheless, they’re still incredibly handy!
  1. Vacuum bags – these are excellent for flat-packing clothes and bedding (such as duvet covers). Simply place the clothes folded and flat in the back, then suck the air out of them using a vacuum cleaner (usually through a hole in the side). This can make transporting your clothes much easier.
  2. Drying rack – most university accommodation tends to have either a central laundrette, or single washing machines scattered around halls for students to use. Additionally, they might provide tumble dryers. However, if you aren’t sure, you should take a drying rack with you so that you have somewhere to dry your clothes.
  3. Extra coat hangers – while your university wardrobe will contain some coat hangers, there might not be enough for you. Bring some more with you just in case.
Of course, there’s more stuff that you’ll need to bring, such as bedding and toiletries. We haven’t listed every single item you’ll need to bring to university with you, just some things that you might not have thought of yourself. If you aren’t sure what to bring with you, take a look at the inventory for your accommodation. It should include everything that’s already on-site (i.e. things that you don’t need to bring yourself).


Now that you have the university stuff checklist, you should have a good idea about what to take to university with you. For more expert advice on surviving university, check out our Pocketbook: The University Survival guide. If you’re looking to ace your grades at uni, take a look at How to Get a First.

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