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As with any job interview you’ll face, research will make up a very important part of your cabin crew interview preparation. Of course, you will need to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the industry and what the role entails, but the bulk of your research should be focused on the specific airline you are interviewing with.

It is impossible to overstate how important this will be – interviewers will not be impressed with a candidate who can not express why it is their airline that has been chosen. So, although it’s common for people to apply to more than one airline, it might be wise to avoid doing so. Whatever you do, keep in mind the following:

Make the interviewers believe you want to become a cabin crew at their airline, not that you want to become a cabin crew full stop.

So, let’s get started. During the interview, you are likely to be asked questions relating to these areas:

What you know about the role of a cabin crew member

You should research the role of air cabin crew in detail and think carefully about what it involves. As well as the benefits of the job, you should consider its drawbacks. You’ll already know about the long hours and time away from home, but this may not be a drawback for you! If not, you need to emphasise this – you are who they’re looking for.

If you genuinely relish the chance to avoid the usual 9-5 grind – including the consistency and benefits of this lifestyle – then make sure you put this across at interview.

You should do this for as many details of the role as possible. Tell the interviewers why you are compatible with each of the unique aspects of the role, using examples from your work life. Do this, and they’ll find it hard to look past you!

What you know about their airline, and why you want to join their particular airline

As mentioned before, the most important research you can do is on the specific airline you are interviewing with. What makes it stand out from the others? Perhaps it is renowned for its high levels of customer service, its unique destinations, or employee benefits.

In any case, tell them that you like what they’ve prioritised. This will make you stand out from applicants who have only researched in more general terms about the role of a cabin crew member.

The most effective way to find out this information is to go to the website of the airline you wish to join. From the website you will be able to find out as much information as possible about what they do, where they fly to and from, and also what their values are.

cabin crew interview preparation

Challenges faced by the airline

This is another big one that you definitely need to research during your cabin crew interview preparation. While you may not directly be asked a question like “What are the challenges faced by our airline?”, knowledge in this regard can only stand you in good stead.

For example, you could show how serious you are about a role in the industry by bringing up these challenges during more general questions. For example, if you are asked a question like “Why do you think you would make a good member of our cabin crew?”, come back with an answer such as:

I understand that a vital element of the role involves customer service, which is where my strengths lie. My interactions with a passenger could be the difference between that passenger booking with the airline again, or choosing a competitor. With competition between airlines as fierce as it is, my commitment to delivering a high level of customer service is something that you need from a member of your cabin crew.

This will be music to the interviewers’ ears, as you will be demonstrating an understanding of the industry, as well as a key skill that their new recruits will need to possess.

See below for a list of some other challenges faced by airlines:

  • The environmental impact of the airline industry and an airlines carbon footprint.
    This is a challenge simply because the demand for air traffic is increasing and is set to continue. With more and more people wanting to fly it is a challenge for airlines to meet their targets.
  • The competition within the industry.
    The competition is becoming fiercer with more airlines offering flights at cheaper prices. Attracting and retaining customers is getting harder. However, by offering customer excellent customer services they are far more likely to return and use the airline again in the future. This is how cabin crew can help the airline meet this challenge.
  • The rising cost of fuel.
    With the rising cost of fuel, it is difficult for airlines to keep their costs down without passing on the added expense to their passengers.


To further guide your cabin crew interview preparation, here is a checklist of things you need to learn about the airline you’re applying to:

Cabin Crew Interview Preparation

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