WHAT IS PI DAY – PI DAY = 3.14159265359…

PI DAY = 3.14159265359…   Pi day is an annual celebration which is celebrated on the 14th March. It is observed on this day because this represents (the month/day format = 3/14) and this represents the first 3 significant numbers of pi. AND ITS EVEN MORE SPECIAL FOR THIS YEAR!!! If you round the first few digits up of Pi to 5 decimal places, it actually gives you 3.14.16 (third month/date/year). = 3.14159 = 3.1416 Nutty Professor


Pi is calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. Pi is used in mathematics to represent a “constant” (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter). A diameter of a circle is the distance from one edge to the other edge which is measured straight through the centre of the circle. The circumference of a circle is the distance all the way around the circle.  


  • Albert Einstein is born on the 14th March – the same day as Pi day.
  • The symbol was first used in 1706.
  • The first person to use this symbol was William Jones.
  • The symbol is a Greek letter.
  • William Jones and his Circle – the man who invented Pi. He come up with the Pi symbol to represent a number that “can be approached, but never reached”.
  • The letter ‘P’ was chosen to represent ‘perimeter’.
  • Pi is calculated to over one trillion digits.
  • Only 39 of the digits are needed to accurately calculate the spherical volume of the universe.
  For more information about the history of Pi, check out the Historytoday.com website.  


The diagram below shows a parallelogram. The angles in the parallelogram are as follows: PI             2x + 40 3x – 30 2x + 4 4x – 28   Work out the value of x.  Give us your answer in the comments below!


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