Women in SAS – Women Now Allowed to Join Special Forces

Women in SAS

For the first time, women will be able to apply for roles in any of Britain’s armed forces – including the SAS. In 2016, female combatants were first allowed to serve in close combat units in the British Army. So, this new changes is another progressive step towards equal opportunity, regardless of gender. Women are […]

Train Driver Tests – More Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers

Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers

In our previous post, we took a look at Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers. Here, we’re going to be taking a look at some more Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers. Question 1 – Train Driver Situational Judgement Test Questions and Answers You have been working in a team for […]

Police Assessment Centre: The New Police Role Play 2018/19

How to Become a Police Officer Help

Role play is a fundamental part of the police selection process, and always has been. However, now, in line with the rest of the new police selection process – it’s changing! The difference between the old police search assessment and the new police assessment centre is quite substantial. This is particularly the case for the […]

Train Driver Tests – Sample Situational Judgement Tests

Train Driver

Train Driver Tests Situational Judgement Tests The use of Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs), sometimes known as Situational Judgement Exercises (SJEs), allow employers to gain an understanding of how a person would act in a given situation. Situational Judgement Tests are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process. It allows employers to gain access to a […]

In-Tray Tips – 3 More Tips for Passing Your Next In-Tray Exercise

In-Tray Tips

In our last post, we discussed three In-Tray tips for passing your next In-Tray exercise. Here, we’re going to be taking a look at three more tips for passing In-Tray exercises! There Aren’t Always Right or Wrong Answers – In-Tray Tips In some cases, there isn’t a right or wrong solution to the task given. […]

NEW Metropolitan Police Competencies: 2018 Update!

Police Car

Recently, the Metropolitan Police and other policing units in the UK have been trialing a brand-new set of competencies and values. Designed to more accurately reflect the working life and responsibilities of a police officer, the Metropolitan police competencies are a way more accurate way of assessing candidates, and ensuring good policing is the norm. […]

Metropolitan Police Selection Process 2018: Clusters and Values

Police Situational Judgement Tests Feature Image

As of 2018, the Metropolitan police have been piloting a new selection process, which has resulted in major transformation. From new competencies to entirely new tests and assessments, it’s now harder than ever to pass the Metropolitan Police selection process. Luckily, here at How2Become we are one step ahead of the game. In this blog, […]

In-Tray Tips – How to Pass Your Next In-Tray Exercise

In-Tray Exercise

If you’re applying for a graduate job or a graduate scheme, it’s possible that you’ll face an In-Tray exercise as part of the application process. In-Tray exercises are testing environments which assess your ability to receive, prioritise, and then complete a variety of tasks under a specific time-frame. Here, we’re going to be taking a […]

Kent Test Results Day 2018 – What Comes Next?

Kent Test Results Day 2018

Kent Test results day 2018 was Thursday, 11th October. If your child sat the Kent Test back in September, then you will have received their results on Thursday. These results will have been sent via email, and if you have a Kent County Council account you can log in and see your child’s results at […]

GCSE Results Day 2018 – GCSE Opportunities and Career Paths

GCSE Results Day 2018

It’s GCSE results day – Congratulations! You made it through the painstaking months of learning, studying, revising, sitting your exams, and then waiting for this special day. The hard part is over, and you now get to bask in the glory of all your efforts. Take a moment or two – or perhaps a few […]