GCSE Results Day 2018 – Everything You Need to Know


GCSE Results Day 2018 is fast approaching. This Thursday, on the 23rd of August, students across the UK will be receiving their GCSE results – the fruits of their hard work over the past 2 to 3 years. Students will be understandably nervous, since their results now will have an impact on their academic futures […]

The IELTS Listening Exam: Question Types and More

If you are studying for your IELTS exam, then you’ll need to practice for the all-important listening assessment. Whether you are taking IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic, both assessments involve taking the same listening exam. In this blog, we’re going to give you a breakdown on what the IELTS Listening test involves, and the […]

Police Officer Selection Process – 7 Top Tips

Police Officer Selection Process

It’s a well-known fact that the vast majority of people fail the police officer selection process. However, in this blog post and video, Richard McMunn from How2Become.com is going to give you his 7 top tips for getting the highest scores possible. These tips are all relevant to the police application form, assessment centre role […]

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job Interview Question

Interview Question Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job

In this blog and video, we will teach you how to answer the Why Do You Want To Leave Your Job interview question. This question is extremely common amongst all types of job interview, including admin assistant roles, customer service, public sector and private sector. Follow our special tips, advice and sample answer for achieving the […]

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

Hi there, guys. My name is Richard McMunn and in this video presentation, I’m going to teach you how to answer customer service interview questions and answers. Now, naturally, this interview question is usually asked during interviews where you’re applying for roles within the customer service sector, so it’s required, in your response, to demonstrate […]

2018 Police Officer Competency Based Interview Questions

Police Officer Competency Based Interview Questions

Looking for the very latest Police Officer Competency Based Interview Questions? Then look no further! In this training article, Richard McMunn from renowned police recruitment experts How2Become, provides you with the very latest, up-to-date tips, advice and hints on how to prepare for the police officer assessment centre video. SPOILER ALERT: Watch the following video […]