7 Days of the Week in French (Plus Key Phrases) – For Beginners

Knowing what the 7 days of the week in French are is vital, as is your ability to recognise and express them. Not only will this vocab help you to understand and engage with simple conversations in French, but you will also be expected to be extremely comfortable using it in any formal exam on the subject.

If you are studying for an exam in French, the days of the week could appear in any topic or module you are being questioned on. What’s more, this vocabulary could provide the basis for some questions, with marks depending on whether you are able to distinguish one day from the other.

In addition, when working with the days of the week in French, be sure to note that their first letters are NOT automatically capitalised as they are in English – only use a capital letter with these words if they appear at the start of a sentence!

lundi – Monday

mardi – Tuesday

mercredi – Wednesday

jeudi – Thursday

vendredi – Friday

samedi – Saturday

dimanche – Sunday

For a pronunciation guide for the 7 days of the week in French, as well as for key phrases, check out the video below:

Key Phrases

le week-end – the weekend

lundi dernier – last Monday

mardi prochain – next Tuesday

le mercredi – on Wednesday

tous les jeudis/chaque jeudi – every Thursday

aujourd’hui – today

hier – yesterday

demain – tomorrow

le lendemain – the day after tomorrow

tous les jours/chaque jour – everyday

dans une semaine – in a week’s time

il y a une semaine – a week ago

quotidien/quotidienne – daily

hebdomadaire – weekly

To finish…

So, please use this page to revise the days of the week and get the relevant vocabulary nailed. You could do so by writing them down, covering them, then seeing if you remember them, or by following along with the video to work on your pronunciation. If you need ideas on how to revise, please watch the video below, then use what you’ve learned on the 7 French days of the week!

If you need further help with French, we have created a playlist on YouTube with several videos tailored to beginners. Find it here.

Also, if you are studying or plan to study French at GCSE level, have a look at our specialist revision guide, written with the new national curriculum in mind.

7 days of the week in French

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