ASDA Interview Questions – How To Answer

In order to get recruited by ASDA, you will have to pass the three stages of the application process. These are: the online application form, the ‘ASDA Magic’ assessment centre, and the final interview with a store manager. With their ASDA interview questions, the store manager is aiming to get to know you on a personal and professional level, as well as assess your motives for applying to join ASDA.

In this blog, we will run through some real-life ASDA interview questions and how you could set about answering them! Don’t be put off by the seemingly more random ones – the manager wants to get a sense of your personality and sense of humour. The number one attribute that ASDA recruiters are looking for is excellent communication and inter-personal skills, closely followed by a happy personality.

For many of these questions, using the ‘STAR method’ of answering is preferable. For more information on this, please follow the link to a previous blog. Otherwise, onwards to the ASDA interview prompts and questions and how to answer them.

asda interview questions

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ASDA Interview Questions – Number 1

Explain a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when answering this prompt. Firstly, choose a situation that you volunteered for or brought about yourself – this will show that you can take charge. Next, clearly explain the context of the situation – where were you working? Why was the customer unhappy? Then, fully explain the specific actions you took to resolve the situation. Of course, don’t say anything that involves the difficult customer leaving on bad terms. With this prompt, the store manager is giving you an opportunity to prove you know how to deal with difficult customers – a necessary skill for an ASDA employee.

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 2


Of course, only you will know why you want to join ASDA, and the store manager will be looking for honesty. So, there is no real right or wrong answer. The manager is hoping to get to know you better with this question; you will not need to provide a perfect, formulaic response. Due to the fact that it’s an informal question, you can use it show that you are a friendly and enthusiastic person. To reiterate, the single most important attribute in the eyes of ASDA recruiter is skill in friendly communication. Have a good conversation with your interviewer about this question, and you’ll be golden.

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 3

Tell me about yourself.

This very common interview prompt is also very open, which gives you the chance to take control of the conversation. You should expect this prompt beforehand, and you should prepare what you want to mention before you go in to interview. Luckily, there are some clear steps you can take to do this. Step one is to look at how ASDA advertise their role – what are they looking for in an employee? As we know, the best answer for this would be: someone who gets on well with others. You could also refer to the three main ‘beliefs’ that ASDA employees must work to: customer service, individual respect, and striving for excellence. You could think about answering this prompt by sharing experience that exemplify your suitability in these areas. Again, however, it may be preferable to simply prepare an opening statement and let the conversation then flow naturally.

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 4

If you could be an animal what would you be?

As one of the more light-hearted questions you could face, there’s no need to worry too much about this one! There is certainly no right or wrong answer, just make sure you don’t blank. Just provide some reasons for your choice, and don’t be afraid to be funny – the interviewer would love it. Perhaps you could even ask what their answer would be.

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 5

Tell me about a time you received excellent customer service.

With this prompt, the interviewer is giving you the opportunity to prove that you know what constitutes excellent customer service. By doing this, you can convince the store manager that you will be able to provide this service. Similarly, to the question about dealing with a difficult customer, fully explain the situation surrounding the excellent customer service as well as the specific action that was taken. This prompt also gives you the chance to get on the store manager’s good side – perhaps you’d care to mention an instance of excellent customer service that took place in their store!

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 6

Tell me about a time you and a colleague had a disagreement about something, and how you resolved it.

You should also approach this prompt in a similar way to the question about dealing with a difficult customer. Set the scene and explain why a disagreement arose between yourself and a colleague. Be careful though – do not talk about a situation in which you come across as being difficult or combative! Talk about a situation in which you resolved a disagreement, not caused one. Of course, this is a great way you can communicate your inter-personal and teamwork skills, both highly prized by the selection process.

ASDA Interview Questions – Number 7

What are your passions?

Other than ‘Tell me about yourself’, this is one of the most direct questions you could be asked with the intention of getting to know you better. This is a chance to show your potential employer what makes you tick and what you’re about. Showing enthusiasm for things will endear you to the interviewer, and allow you to portray yourself as a well-rounded individual – provided you have impressed during the more professional questions! Talking about your interests will also allow the store manager to visualise how you’d fit in as a part of their team, as they think about who out of the existing staff you’d be likely to get on well with. Of course though, make sure you keep your response to this workplace friendly.

asda interview questions

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