Cabin Crew Interview Checklist – 5 Top Tips

So, you’ve passed all the elements of the Cabin Crew selection process, including the online application, the various tests, the assessment day, and the group exercise! Congratulations, you must be tired. But, it’s not time to rest yet. You still have one vital stage left (and it’s make or break): the final Cabin Crew interview. You need our Cabin Crew interview checklist.

Of course, this represents a highly-pressurised situation, which will test your people skills, your compatibility with the role, and your knowledge of the industry, even more than the previous stages of the selection process will have. So, we have created this Cabin Crew interview checklist you should use to ensure that you are fully prepared. Let’s get into it.

Cabin-Crew-Interview Checklist 5 Top Tips

1 – Research the airline

Whichever airline you are interviewing with, it will have a unique ethos. This will span company policy, customer service, flight destinations and which aircraft they use. Acquainting yourself with how the airline operates, as well as its priorities and business practices, will only serve to make you better equipped when it comes to interview. The interview panel will expect you to be able to answer basic questions along these lines, so don’t trip up! This also represents an opportunity to equate your aspirations with those of the airline – use their website to get a sense of where they’re going, and tell them you want to go there too.

2 – Revise common Cabin Crew interview questions

Of course, being aware of the types of questions airlines tend to ask at interview will be extremely helpful to you. This way, you can write down and rehearse your responses to questions like “What would you do if you saw another Cabin Crew member being rude to a passenger?”, and other situational questions. What’s more, you should definitely practice answering basic questions like “Why do you want to be a Cabin Crew member?” They are almost certain to get asked and they represent an opportunity to be original and impress the interview board.

3 – Get to grips with what makes you right for the role

It goes without saying that you know why you’d be a great Cabin Crew member, the hard part is convincing an interview panel of it. Online, find out what the airline you’ve applied to looks for, and equate your attributes and experience to each point. For example, if you’ve worked with the public in the past, use this to prove that you’d be great with passengers. Similarly, if you’ve worked flexible hours in the past, this will help you. If you’ve had to ensure strict safety standards professionally, great. In other words, go through your CV and find out how you can use everything on it to paint yourself in a light that says: “I’d be a great Cabin Crew member!”

4 – Find out what the job actually entails

This one is simple. Find out what you’ll be doing, day in, day out, as a Cabin Crew member. Research heavily to discover what a typical working day looks like, including what duties you’ll need to perform, and what hours you’ll need to work. Also, you should look up what you’ll be entitled to in terms of holiday and perks. There’s a good chance you will already know all this, but the interviewers may try to catch people out by quizzing them about the role itself. Prove that you really want it by conveying that you know what it’s all about!

5 – Think of some questions to ask them!

This one is important no matter what kind of interview you’re attending. The last thing you want to happen is for them to ask “So, do you have any questions for us?”, and to have nothing. It will make for an awkward moment, and you’ll look unprepared. Luckily, it’s easily prevented. Think of something interesting that you genuinely want to know. For example, you could ask about the airline’s future plans, or humble beginnings. All in all, get creative – your final question is a chance to showcase your personality!

Cabin Crew interview checklist – a conclusion

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself during this stressful process. Allowing yourself free time, eating well, and getting enough sleep will stand you in good stead for anything. Do this, and follow our Cabin Crew interview checklist, and you’ll reach your goal first time!

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